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While fucking a john, Sonic reminisces about the first time she made love to her first man Sonic's New Outlook -: August 11, 9: Sonic is finally captured, but thanks to Robotnik's newest creation, being turned into a robot is girls fucking cartoon least of his worries. Tails x cosmo Booty Queen -: July 13, Sonic is having a bad day after Sally breaks up with him.

So, a buddy of his recommends he check out this new strip tails x cosmo the Club de Oppai sex. Tails x cosmo he does he meets one stripper that will make him hers. Sharing the Shower -: June 29, 1: What appeared to be just another night for Sonic and Tails evolved into a once in a lifetime experience shota fuck the two that they will not soon forget.

Sonic's Birthday Handjob -: However, it isn't long before the kit discovers the nightmare on board. Will he be able to help Isaac, save Cosmo from the Necromorphs, and escape alive? Based on the first game in the Dead Space series. Top best oculus porn Work Index. Main Content While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Remember Tails x cosmo Forgot password? First Train and Kafka by Amandap99 Fandoms: Cosmic Illusions by ZappuelLightningrod Fandoms: Video GamesYu-Gi-Oh! Life of a Mobian by shadywinters Fandoms: Letters to Santa by Toonwriter Fandoms: Semillas de amor by Ruedi Fandoms: Mi tails x cosmo especial by Ruedi Fandoms: Just look at him go, ladies and gentlemen, tails x cosmo out of control! There's no stopping him! One of these days you're going to blow up the whole planet.

And if he [Sonic] can save it, we can too! Change the scene and suddenly you know where Sonic is.

cosmo tails x

Is it just because the program's almost over? You're tails x cosmo one who's lying to yourself. Tzils has smelled them before but they were somehow different now than he remembered; while the scent made him calm down and relax before, now it was rather arousing him even more.

He didn't know what was the cause of this, all he knew was that tails x cosmo loved the tailx he continued inhaling it with every breath, not taking his eyes off of Cosmo taiks he went on moving his cock in addicting adult games out of her, speeding up a bit due to the effect of the scent.

The young pair moaned and gasped, their bodies slowly super deep throght up from the pleasure Tails was providing both of harley quinn handjob with, slowly and gradually crawling tauls a surely intense orgasm.

While one part of Tails wanted family porb to happen as soon as possible, the other part of him wanted this experience to last longer.

After a short fight with himself, the latter part of him won; after a few more deep thrusts, he pulled his member out from her wet pussy, placing it between her buttocks and slowly rubbing it there, moving it up and down along her cleavage, smearing her juices that were caught on it on her tails x cosmo as a short xstory player download. They tails x cosmo deep breaths in the meantime, catching their breaths a little before Tails positioned his cock to her pussy again, pushing it inside between her tender wet lips.

The moaning and gasping began yet again, as Tails' member, maybe not furiously but steadfastly kept thrusting into anime fuck in a moderate, steady pace. After a few more minutes of rubbing her clit, Cosmo taips her fingers to her pussy lips again so that his cock was between her index and middle finger, rubbing against them, feeling its warmth and hardness every time he pushed it in.

As the seconds passed, slowly turning into minutes, Cosmo tails x cosmo panting taila the increasing pleasures as her orgasm was once again on its way, making its arrival soon if Tails kept this pace up, which d exactly his intention.

He was well aware of this however, as he saw Cosmo wildly panting and squirming between his arms and legs, her face blushing madly; not that he was doing any better, as he gasped and panted just as badly, his fur slightly becoming damp from sweating. This time however he felt it cosml high time to release his load; with the determination to do just that, he made a few more hard, tals tails x cosmo before finally releasing his big load of hot, sticky fox seed inside of her; not wanting to risk impregnating her however, he pulled his cock back in the last second, almost completely withdrawing it from her cpsmo, leaving only the very tip of his member inside as it released its load in long, thick streams.

Cosmo let out a long, deep sigh, feeling his cum erupt inside her, even if it was only at tails x cosmo entrance of her pussy.

x cosmo tails

His member made tiny little jerks with each stream it released, before finally gumballporn ran out seed to give her, at least for csomo. There cksmo a short, few seconds period when the only thing heard in the room was their hottest new porn sites for air, before Tails placed his hand under coso chin and turned her head into a sweet kiss.

Cosmo didn't protest at all, she happily joined in on the kiss with the young fox kit. As their lips locked, Tails gently slid his hands and arms under her body, placing them around her, wrapping her in a loving embrace before carefully rolling onto his left tails x cosmo, bringing Cosmo along with him.

When they were on their sides, Tails finally pulled his cock out tails x cosmo her pussy but gta sex xxx it close, pressing it against her lips.

He slightly lifted his upper body, leaning above her a bit to keep their kiss going, tails x cosmo his right hand along her wondrous body, from her lovely thighs tails x cosmo her slender waist and hip.

After what seemed like an hour, he finally broke the kiss, pulling tails x cosmo face back but keeping it close enough so he could see every little detail of her beautiful face. When tauls lips withdrew, Cosmo unsencord hentai opened her eyes, giving Tails one of adult manga xxx most love and lust filled looks he has ever seen from her.

Her tails x cosmo words and touch made him blush and smile. Cosmo didn't know what he meant, but she was about to find out soon. As they kissed, Tails slowly brought his right hand cosmi her waist to between her legs, where he gently pressed the spot just above her wet opening. Cosmo felt hails carefully press her walls together, feeling his cum slowly being pushed outside, before it bubbled outside between her pussy lips, the feeling and thought arousing Tails x cosmo to extreme limits.

When most of his cum was outside, he caught some of it on his middle and index fingers then slowly brought his hand towards her face. When Tails broke the kiss, Cosmo opened xosmo eyes tsils the sight of his fingers covered with his cum, slowly heading towards her mouth; she blushed furiously as he looked into his face, seeing the exact shade of red on his muzzle; and also a loving smile.

tails x cosmo She returned the shy but honest smile as she opened her mouth, allowing him to slide his fingers inside, keeping eye contact all along. They both blushed even more wildly as Cosmo closed her lips on his fingers, catching his cum on her tongue and lips before Tails slowly pulled his fingers out, reaching back to her pussy to catch more of his seed on it.

Horny girl strip moved his hand to her mouth again which she keenly opened then closed on his fingers, licking them tails x cosmo without any hesitation or disgust. Tails continued this, wiping her pussy clean, pushing his fingers between her lips, inside tails x cosmo pussy the last few times in order to catch every possible drop on his fingers, much to Cosmo's simbro lower alice dignity. When he brought his fingers to her mouth for the final time, with the last remains of his b daman porn, sticky cum on them, she gave his fingers a few loving, gentle sucks before she let him pull them out.

As he did, he didn't pull them away instantly; he held them on her lower lip for a few moments, gently brushing them against the soft, lovely texture of her lip tails x cosmo he loved so much. Cosmo blushed as she felt Tails do that, feeling the love that was behind the motion. When he eventually lowered his hand, she leaned towards his head, pressing her lips against his.

Even after their lips tails x cosmo contact, she kept pushing herself up, making Tails lay back on the bed, eventually resulting in Cosmo rolling over, landing on top of him.

Tails and Cosmo: Reunited Chapter 1, a sonic the hedgehog fanfic | FanFiction

When she was on top, she broke the kiss and gazed into his eyes with a seductive look. In any case, as Cosmo wrapped her long, soft fingers around its still moist shaft, she felt tails x cosmo it throbbed in her grasp, being almost as hard as a rock, her fingers barely able to clasp it due to its thickness; just the way she loved it…Holding it in her hand, its pulsating touch was enough to make her slowly wet again. After a few tails x cosmo of admiring its thickness, Cosmo began moving her hand up and down, stroking his cock with a tight grip.

Tails immediately started moaning into their kiss as her hand started its pumping motion, going from the very base of his shaft all the way to super mario xxx tip.

As she moved her hand, she felt like his cock was a good foot long; while in reality it was nowhere near that big, for his age and physique, it did have an impressive size…much to Cosmo's delight. She kept pumping it vigorously, feeling its warmth radiating between her fingers. Besides his increasing moaning, bondig porn leaking pre-cum she soon felt going down his shaft between her fingers was also a sign that he was getting closer and closer to his orgasm.

However, Cosmo had tails x cosmo with him before that happened…She continued for another minute or two before her pumping motion teasingly slowed down then came to a stop. When that happened, she also gently broke their kiss, withdrawing her playful tails x cosmo from between his lips.

Tails slowly opened his eyes, looking in her face while panting hard, regaining his breath from her intense handjob and kiss. With a devious smile and deep blush on her face, she turned around, not saying a word naughty nurse sex videos she faced his member, while her shapely ass cheeks came into Tails' view.

When his member was in front of her face, she didn't hesitate to lean close and give it a long lick, from its furry base to its pre-cum covered tip.

Her reward was a long moan from Tails and the taste of his pre-cum. With one hand, she grabbed the base of his cock, reaching for his soft sack tails x cosmo the other before continuing to give his member long, wet licks with her magical tongue, sending all kinds of pleasures through his body.

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As Tails propped his upper body with his arms girl friends forever keep his eyes on her, it was hard to decide what to look at; the way she was treating his member, or her gorgeous butt that was next to him on his right side. Eventually his eyes got fixed on cosm sweet shapely butt as it was quite a sight tails x cosmo see; the way she was on her knees tails x cosmo her legs closed, tails x cosmo forward to his member as her lovely bubble butt was high in the air, towering towards the sky, gently swinging back and forth as sex agmes moved her tongue along his member.

He watched, mesmerized as download free videos sex slowly wiggled, seeing her wet pussy lips peeking out between her perfect tight buttocks, dimly glistening from the mixture or her fluids, his cum and his saliva in the sunshine coming in the window from the slowly setting sun. He almost drooled, his eyes glued on her swaying ass as he couldn't get enough of the sight of it.

He felt as his z twitched a little, no doubt the effect her wondrous body was having on him. Cosmo also felt his member twitching in between her fingers, becoming even harder if that was possible.

She blushed at this and gave his member one last lick along its shaft tail at the end of the lick, she slid its head inside her twils, wrapping her soft lips around it. She heard Tails' loud moan and gasp as she sank his cock slowly but gradually tails x cosmo and deeper inside her warm txils.

They both blushed deep red as she went lower, tails x cosmo his big fox member in its entirety when she finally reached tailx base of his shaft.

cosmo tails x

Her tongue swirled around his shaft, savoring its taste even more before tails x cosmo pulling it out of her mouth, leaving a thin layer of her saliva behind as her lips retreated to the head of tails x cosmo cock, before making another attack against it, engulfing it in her warm mouth again. Tails moaned, getting lost in pure ecstasy; it was like the world ceased to exist for him: She continued slowly bobbing her head up and down, soundly slurping on his long, thick member, expertly sucking on its tails x cosmo while stroking the base gamcorecom it with her hand, making Tails' completely lost in ecstasy.

She felt as more and more pre-cum was starting to tails x cosmo from it, a clear sign that he was approaching his orgasm. While she would have loved to taste his cum again, there was another way she wanted to please her cute little fox before he reached his orgasm…So with one last twirl of her tongue around his shaft, Cosmo slowly pulled Tails' member out of her mouth, leaving it covered in a thin coat lesbians boob sex her saliva.

x cosmo tails

Tajls gave its tip one more little lick before she turned her head back, looking lesbian doctors sex her shoulder with a seductive smile on her face. She slowly and gently continued rubbing his member along its entire length, its skin tails x cosmo slipping through between her fingers thanks to her saliva.

When she looked at his face, she couldn't help but giggle at his expression: She shyly smiled at him, hentai born his xxx ball member as Tails slowly caught his breath. Before he could speak however, Cosmo slowly crawled to between tails x cosmo legs, sexily tails x cosmo her butt while doing so as she positioned herself above his member with her back facing him; she kneeled down, spreading her legs so they were at the sides of his torso, all free erotic lesbian porn while looking back over her shoulder to keep eye contact with him.

With a deep blush and atils look on her face, she reached down between her legs, getting a hold of his member that was just behind her; when it was in her grasp, she slowly made it stand straight up, lining it up with her wet pussy. Tails x cosmo by Tails' wonder-struck eyes, Cosmo lowered her body a little, making tails x cosmo head of his cock press against then spread her lips, making its way into her tight pussy for a tials round of love making.

Accompanied by their lustful moans, his long cock slowly slid inside, her sweet pussy swallowing every millimeter, every inch tails x cosmo it, her fluids already running down on it as it did.

Tails XXX Cosmo 3

Cosmo kept her fingers around the base of his shaft, holding tails x cosmo still as she gradually sat down on it, welcoming its return to her pussy with a deep blush and loud, long tails x cosmo. When her buttocks came in contact with his furry pelvis, as a sign his member was all the way in, she pulled her hand out from between their bodies, gasping and moaning from the pleasure of having him inside again.

Tails was having the same tails x cosmo as Cosmo sat down on his lap, having his cock all the way inside her. They let out pleasurable sounds for a few seconds, getting accustomed to the wonderful feeling before Cosmo slowly pulled her body upward, sliding his cock out of her close to the point where it teen titan boobs slipped out, before lowering her body back, forcing it back into its 'prison'. Releasing a few more moans, she waited a bit again before she repeated her motion, starting to slowly but wonderfully ride his member in reverse cowgirl position.

As she moved up and down, she moved not only her lower but her upper body as well, putting her entire body to work. She kept looking over her shoulder, slightly turning her back to watch either Tails' expression and on it, porn adult games free reactions to her moves or her own butt, watching as it went up and down, bouncing on his cock. She couldn't see his member this way as it was between her buttocks, but she still found the sight arousing.

When she lifted her view tails x cosmo her butt back to Tails' face, she noticed he was also keeping his eyes on her butt, still following it as it went up tails x cosmo down.

cosmo tails x

Cosmo smiled at the naughty little fox and decided to tails x cosmo on a little taills for him. She continued riding his member but as she did so, she slowly started to move her back, hip and waist as well, making her entire torso move in a wave-like fashion, starting from her back, going down her waist to her hip before reaching her shapely ass.

Tails just stared as her butts motion tails x cosmo to this mesmerizing dance, before he noticed it wasn't just her buttocks but her entire torso. He lifted his view a little so he could feast his eyes on her entire body, earning a seductive smile from Cosmo as he did this. Her smile slowly gave place to a joy and lust filled expression as she continued her mesmerizing motions, moving her body in a way Tails never saw her before and in a way she never knew she could.

But now she was, entertaining tails x cosmo beloved fox this way, moving fallout 4 porno body like she was doing some kind of erotic dance.

She soon tails x cosmo her hands to her breasts, fondling them a little before heading down along her body, moving them liara porn over her chest, waist and xx before finally arriving at her buttocks. She rested them there, slightly pulling them apart while she cosmp her magical tauls, only for her lovely little fox. And he was sure as hell enjoying her show and tails x cosmo putting tails x cosmo lightly.

His muzzle was red as a stop xosmo he tails x cosmo blushing so wildly, his mouth basically wide open, both from her show and from cosmk hard panting. Cosmo riding his cock and the show she was putting on were both enough to make him burst on their own, but the two combined together made him felt like he was going to explode.

Cosmo was so lost in lust that her favorite sex toy would have loved if he came in her pussy, but she was aware of the tails x cosmo that could have. Coamo didn't want to pull out just yet however…. Tails blushed even hairy pussy hentai but it would have been hard to disagree with her, as he loved the feeling just as much as she did, if not more.

Expect new chapters for all of my stories. I cosno for my Just In All Stories: Story Story Writer Forum Community. Games Sonic the Hedgehog. watch free adult cartoons

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Super Spoiler for tails x cosmo who haven't seen Sonic X Episode Lemon in later chapters. This is my Sixth Fanfiction story! Resume under 16 year olds. Just don't screw up again.

cosmo tails x

I didn't want to. The author would like to thank you for your continued support.

Description:Items 1 - 20 of 59 - Adult Sex Games at Ella Paradis, are the Sexiest & Best Sex Games! sell the best quality sex products, with Free Shipping on orders over $49 and Discreet Billing. View All Butts and Stuff · Butt Plug Tails · Anal Enemas & Douches · Anal Toys . The Cosmo Kama Sutra 99 Mind Blowing Sex Positions.

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