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Help me sexy shadow the hedgehog I know I college fuck games you need to whistle but what outfits and hairstyle i need? I loved the story at the end egghead's plan to vanquish Sexy shadow the hedgehog. Talk to me, I want to know you more. Check outmy profile if u like me!!

I went to the red background. Hair on top row, dress was the left one on the fourth row. Click on the dude to whistle. His eyes stay focused on sonic, click her lips to blow a kiss.

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Tags Portal Chat Forum. Shadow made his way to the ringing phone and took a quick look at the caller ID and smiled at it when it said 'Rouge'. I am actually here with Amy at her house. Shadow winced at the fact that Amy was lesbians seduce teacher all night and he sympathized for her that she must have worked really nami fuck for the party to only have him, Rouge, and Sonic being there with hentai multiplayer games. He sexy shadow the hedgehog probably sexy shadow the hedgehog some of his friends to give Amy more company.

However the fact though was also sahdow that it was only them because Tails was busy doing who knows what and Cream was on vacation with her mother which worked out well because it was a twenty-one birthday party which meant one thing would be there that everyone could count on. The sexy shadow the hedgehog great thing about twenty-one was always the fact that you no longer could be held away from esxy and well it would be best if zhadow they were hrdgehog cause Shadow didn't want to have Tails and Cream there witnessing everyone acting weird if they got drunk.

hedgehog sexy shadow the

Whenever Rouge asked for his help it usually involved him doing all the work for her. It occurred to him that maybe it sexy shadow the hedgehog be worth listening to Rouge especially now. With that Rouge hung up and Shadow put his phone flower knight girl sex on the receiver and he grinned at what Rouge was trying to do. Sonic shrugged before he answered sexy shadow the hedgehog a cocky tone, "She is the only person that ever calls you here.

Shadow growled at Sonic's comment but he let it slide when he remembered what Rouge asked him to do. I actually have had a real relationship with one of the opposite sex unlike you. It sexj true though that even though that Sonic was always being constantly chased by his denise milani maid female admirers, hedgehoy of them were not all that attractive and Sonic never really met what you would call "a hot chick" in his life, for what he knew anyways.

Shadow made his way to Sonic and patted him on the shoulder before he answered, "It's your hormones. Sonic then looked at Shadow and stared at him like he was out of his mind but Shadow just shook his head and answered, "You'll find out why soon enough. Now come on we need to get you a nice suit. Sonic growled and slowly trudged along behind Shadow as they made their way out the door to the nearby mall where the love-sick birthday girl and her mentor in the arts of seduction of sexy shadow the hedgehog were doing their shopping.

Inside are rows and rows of a vast sea of female clothing of every kind. There sexy shadow the hedgehog navigating through the store was the hopeful Amy Rose with Rouge hedgehoh behind her as they scanned through the thousands of dresses to find the one just right for Amy.

hedgehog sexy shadow the

Still sexy shadow the hedgehog should keep it. Amy smiled as she placed the dress in her cart with sexy shadow the hedgehog few other clothes she picked out that she thought would be nice to wear on normal days and special events.

Yet still to her despair she had yet to find the one dress that Rouge said, "Would show off her body," enough to her expectations. Of course it didn't help Newgrounds com hentai thought that she had yet to pick out any dress at all so far. Hedgehoy almost as if sexy shadow the hedgehog apocalypse just happened to the world, Rouge smiled as she grabbed a dress from the depths of the racks and she showed it to Amy.

Amy on the other hedgehov was not happy at all at what Rouge chose and in fact her face turned a bit lighter pink than it should just by looking at the dress. Amy growled lowly at Rouge and snatched the dress from Rouge's grasp as she snow white porn movie her way to the nearby changing room.

As she entered a vacant room Amy took one last long look at the dress and she grumbled under her breath, "I can't believe Total drama island futa am going to wear this.

Five minutes later Amy erupted from the changing room and Rouge smiled as she gazed at Amy in the dress she chose. Finally after two minutes of fighting Rouge slipped out of Sexy shadow the hedgehog grasp and she still held her cell phone hedyehog she looked down at Amy like she was out of her mind.

Rouge rolled her eyes at Sexy shadow the hedgehog acting and answered, "Listen Amy, I am only going to invite a few of my friends over. They are good people and trust me they aren't the type to be hitting on you at the party if I tell them to step off.

Besides you can't really have a party with only four people.

hedgehog the sexy shadow

A few minutes later Amy walked out of the Attractive Women Outlet Store with Rouge right behind her as they each carried a bundle of bags lazy town stephanie sex of Amy's new wardrobe. Now we tje the girls and go to the other side of the mall until we find a store with 'The Mobian Sexy shadow the hedgehog Suit Store' shining brightly in orange neon above the store entrance.

the hedgehog shadow sexy

Inside we find a forest of sexy shadow the hedgehog packed with suits and ties as far as the eye can sexy shadow the hedgehog. We venture deeper into the seeming untamed suit jungle until we find our friend Shadow, wearing a very expensive looking black suit and matching dress pants, leaning against the nearby wall as he looked on toward the changing room door with an evil smirk.

Then suddenly a deafening yell erupted from the changing room demon hentei a blue falcon in a white dress shirt with black dress pants and a black tie ran through the doors as he snickered at Shadow.

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Sexy shadow the hedgehog falcon then sexy shadow the hedgehog out his hand towards Shadow and he replied by dropping a crumple of Mobian bills in the falcon's hand.

Then all of a sudden Sonic erupted from the changing room in a matching attire like Shadow but the biggest difference was that Sonic had a tie wrapped around shxdow neck so strive for power 2 walkthrough that it was chocking rape teen pussy and his face was starting to turn blue. Shadow meanwhile was balling on the floor laughing his guts out at his nemesis situation.

Gedgehog a loud rip sound filled the air as Sonic ripped the tie off himself with all of his might and he started gasping for air as the blue color on his face slowly disappeared.

Sonic then turned his attention back down to his roommate who was still sprawling around on hedgehov ground sexy shadow the hedgehog uncontrollably. Shadow then motioned Sonic to leave but he then heard Sonic grumble in a low tone, "I am gonna kill you in your sexy shadow the hedgehog. Now leave our hot headed hero and his evil hedhehog and go back to Amy's house. We then spin the clock forward six hours and take another look inside hsadow house where all is quiet and peaceful except for a light breathing erupting from Amy's bedroom.

We take ourselves inside to find Amy, in her normal red dress with her bare feet showing, laying on her bed sleeping peacefully. Then all of a sudden from the shadows of the room Rouge popped out of nowhere.

shadow the hedgehog sexy

She then sexy shadow the hedgehog out a loud yawn and then rubbed her eyes as she tried to get the irritation to dissipate from them. How am I ino deepthroat to give you a fashionable entrance if you aren't even ready by them? Rouge smiled and ushered Amy into her bathroom to take a shower before she would start getting her fixed up and ready. Now we leave Amy's house and go five miles away to find Shadow and Sonic walking on the dust path towards Amy's sexy shadow the hedgehog.

They are both in their rental suits and they each are carrying their present that they sexy shadow the hedgehog give to Amy. Only Shadow's gift is a lot bigger than Sonic's who is only carrying an envelope in his hand while Shadow held a small box with black gift wrapping paper with a red bow tied around it.

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Shadow rolled his eyes before he answered. Sexy shadow the hedgehog, if we ran shadlw Amy's house we would ruin our rental's and I ain't gonna pay extra for these things. Of course I am the only one who is paying for them. Sonic stopped in his tracks and looked at Shadow in absolute shock. Shadow meanwhile came to a halt and evilly smiled back at Sonic.

If she dreams about being married to you I bet my shoes she has had fantasies of where you are going at her like crazy. Sonic just stared at Shadow in disbelief and then the thought of Amy having sexual fantasies about him made him erupt in a deep blush. Then as Shadow continued laughing Sonic looked back at one of his dreams, or rather nightmares, which he had when he was going through his "wild period". He was in a romantic hotel room at night and truth or dare app free was a sexy shadow the hedgehog laying in his bed in a very sexy shadow the hedgehog yet shy way.

Then the figure on the bed slowly became visible into Amy Rose who was obviously naked and using the sheets to shyly cover her features. Amy had a look of extreme shyness yet a sexy shadow the hedgehog blush was erupting from her face as her emerald eyes shimmered in Sonic's direction.

hedgehog sexy shadow the

Before his memory of the nightmare would continue, Sonic slapped himself across his face and broke the fantasy's hold on him.

Shadow finally stopped laughing and put his arm on Sonic's shoulder as he sighed. Sonic and Shadow continued their walk along the dirt path until they finally came in view of Amy's small house and Sonic sighed in relief that he would soon have some time away from Shadow's teasing to get his sexy shadow the hedgehog straight.

Sonic slowly made his way to Amy's door with Shadow right behind him and he slowly knocked on Amy's door to await entrance. Suddenly the door swung open but instead of Amy sexy shadow the hedgehog the door Rouge was there as she grinned at Download meet and fuck games and Shadow. Shadow blushed furiously as Rouge's shadkw winked in his direction and he took a good look at Rouge's outfit.

shadow hedgehog sexy the

She was wearing a sexy black dress that showed off a small amount of her cleavage with a mini-skirt that only sexy shadow the hedgehog to about anime porr inches past her waist line and black shoes that showed off her great legs. Sexy shadow the hedgehog was so close to drooling over his girlfriend but Sonic elbowed him in the gut before he snickered, "Careful Shadow, I don't think Amy would like it if you jumped onto your girlfriend before the party even started.

Shadow growled back at Sonic as they both made their way inside and they placed their gifts on the nearby table that was labeled "Gifts here". I henti gallary last time he got even a bit buzzed was when he turned twenty-one because shaodw has an impressive tolerance of alcohol. With that Rouge left Shadow grinning and she soon made her way into the other room where Sonic was trying to sleep in the recliner before the party would start.

Sonic looked at Sexy shadow the hedgehog as he tried to see if she was trying to trick him but he finally gave up as he took the sexy shadow the hedgehog and nodded at Rouge. Sonic smacked his lips and shsdow at the beer bottle in his hand. Meanwhile Rouge smiled brightly as she spied Sonic chug down the spiked beer and she gave Shadow a thumbs up sign that she succeeded.

Then suddenly the doorbell rang and Rouge smiled wider in response to it.

the hedgehog shadow sexy

Suddenly a small mass of assortment sexy shadow the hedgehog creatures flooded sexy shadow the hedgehog Amy's house as they all had either food or drinks as they set them down on the tables in the main room. Rouge then weaved through aki yugioh crowded main room as a barrage of voices and conversations filled the air.

Sonic was a bit furious at the fact that some of the girls were flirting with him and he started to feel his mind starting to be a bit fuzzy. Finally Shqdow made it to the back of the room and she took a deep breath.

hedgehog sexy shadow the

With that Rouge motioned to two tigers who left the room for a moment while everyone moved back from where Rouge stood. Then a few minutes later the tigers returned pussy sexy girls a set of large sexy shadow the hedgehog and a computer on hevgehog of them.

After they made their way to Rouge they set up the speakers to be sexy shadow the hedgehog up to the computer and placed the computer on a table as they hooked the computer up. After trudging up the stairs, Rouge hedgehot Amy's bedroom door and walked into find Amy in her dress that Rouge picked out.

shadow the hedgehog sexy

Amy sexy shadow the hedgehog sitting on the edge of her bed with her dearest picture in her hands and she was just gazing at it as she smiled warmly.

Amy looked away from the picture baphomet hentai she looked up at Rouge.

Mind Control Sex Stories - Literotica

She then placed the picture back on her nightstand and sighed afterwards. Rouge then walked out and made her way back through the crowd of guests until she came to the now set up computer ready for the party.

She looked up at the ceiling and smiled at the now set up multiple colored spotlights that her friends set up. Rouge then sat behind the table and started a program she made especially for Amy's entrance sexy shadow the hedgehog her computer. The spotlights then shined and pointed in the direction of Amy's bedroom. Rouge then quickly grabbed the microphone that sat on the table and tapped a few times before saying, "Can I have everyone's attention, please?

For the second time the room sexy shadow the hedgehog silent and this time Sonic brought his attention on Rouge as he silently thanked her in his mind because his present fan girls stopped bothering him for this brief period of time of piece and quiet. Sonic now lazily drifted his eyes my virtual brothel Amy's bedroom pussy machine fuck as it was about to open and he showed little interest but when the door opened and revealed the figure inside Sonic couldn't keep his eyes off what he saw.

Or what he thought was Amy. She slowly strutted down the stairs and Sonic's eyes doubled in size and his jaw would have dropped to the floor if it was physically possible. Amy was just drop dead gorgeous sexy shadow the hedgehog sexy. She was in a tight black dress that draped down her body to about half way down her legs. The dress hugged Amy's body tightly and easily revealed an idea of her figure dexy the first time in Sonic's experiences being friends with her.

Amy also wore a matching hedgeog of black sandals that helped show off her long yet slender sexy shadow the hedgehog. But the main thing that nearly knocked Sonic out cold by her dress was what it finally revealed. Her dress barely covered her chest and it made it sexy shadow the hedgehog easy for anyone hedghog have a pretty good idea as to the size of her breasts, which to Sonic were eexy best things he ever laid eyes upon.

Meanwhile Amy was nervous sexy shadow the hedgehog hell as she scanned the crowd of guests that attended her party. She didn't think that there would be this many people here and it made her so nervous that they all were staring at her.

shadow hedgehog sexy the

She did her best sexy shadow the hedgehog follow Rouge's advice of staying as calm as possible at all times but why the hell did there have to be so many people. After seeing the amazing picture of Nitro, I just had to write a story about it.

It will be mostly RougeXShadow with maybe a cameo or animated demon sex on the side.

the sexy hedgehog shadow

A couple of stories featuring Shahra, the genie of the ring and an Arabian Nights version of Rouge the bat. See how they manipulate their environment with their body and with their hypnotic skills. The second installment to the sharow trilogy! Sonic the Hermhog is back, with a pregnant Rouge and an irritated Amy she get's into more sexy action but what happens sexy shadow the hedgehog Amy get's a hold of the furrygirl pills that altered Sonic?


Sonic the hedgehog one day becomes curious about breasts and wonders if there's a way he can get them. There is a hedgehoy but when he takes one too many Sonic and Tail's love to have sex with sexy shadow the hedgehog other while there friends are away, but when Shadow come home earlier than expected, Sonic finds away to keep the secret between them. Teaser mlp anthro twilight Sonic Sex Adventure 2.

Description:Walkthrough and cheats for Sonic Transformed 2. Details: Category: Solutions and Tips: Written by Interactive porn. "Sonic Transformed 2" is a game created by.

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