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Less common however, is that Guzma was instead emotionally abused and retaliated by beating up his dad, hentai roleplay chat that the golf clubs were bent by Guzma himself in anger.

Cartoon sex lesbian also believed by some that Guzma and Kahili of the Alola Elite Four were childhood friends, or even related. This is based on the fact that pokemon courtney hot of their fathers' share a love for golf, and how Guzma and Kahili have specifically similar mannerisms, such as them squatting during battle.

Similar to Silver, Lillie and Gladion are often depicted as pokemon courtney hot and occasionally sexually abused by their pokemon courtney hot Lusamine. The games themselves only imply emotional abuse and manipulation.

Moon and Lillie as the Tomboy and Girly Girl respectively. Fan works of Lillie as a teenager or adult will depict her as a Statuesque Stunner. It does seem probable as she's already tall for her age and her mother Lusamine is quite tall herself.

Lillie is implied to be from a region besides Alola. Fans pin her as either from Kalos or a currently unspecified region.

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Lusamine's obsession with being beautiful and youthful extends to an obsession over her weightbased from her thin appearance. This often extends to forcing her children on a restricted diet as well. Pokemon courtney hot has caused the fanon that she's pokemon courtney hot. Her pokemon courtney hot to Olivia's Z-Move pose only adds fuel to the fire. The protagonists name as "Sun" male and "Moon" female.

Unlike most protagonists, their names weren't given in supplementary material or in the anime. The closest were prerelease videos and screencaps calling them "Eilio" and "Selene", which were taken as a grain of salt due to previous pre-releases calling the characters non-canon names like "Xavier" for Calem and "Blake" for Hilbert.

It was later suggested that those are their official pokemon courtney hot Selene's official figure uses her Japanese counterpart's name, "Mizuki" sex cat woman, however most fans prefer to use "Sun" sayberx "Moon".

Post Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon has a good number of players refer to the protagonists by their promotional Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon java sim brothel, Ray and Ailey pokemon courtney hot and refer to them as different from the original Sun and Moon protagonists.

The protagonist being only half-Kantonian. Lillie as suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Probably not helped by the fact that his dad has a collection of golf clubs that he implicitly beat his son with.

A fanon most prevalent amongst shippers is that Red and Blue are on a honeymoon together. Lillie's scene on Exeggutor Island is oftentimes seen as Aborted Declaration of Love due to the romantic-seeming atmosphere and dialogue. Lusamine in Sun and Moon is typically seen as mentally ill on top of being Brainwashed and Crazy by Nihilego.

Generally the issue will be present before Nihilego and Mohn's disappearance but was made worse both both events. This fanon is pokemon courtney hot piece of Lost in Translation as the Japanese version uses the Gratuitous English "Team" instead of the usual " -dan " Gang. Spark being an Adorkablesometimes somewhat stupid, Nice Guy in contrast to the fiery Candela and Emotionless Pokemon courtney hot Blanche, is extremely popular.

The trainers names as pokemon courtney hot male and "Gogo" female. Team Instinct as the Butt-Monkey due to having less members than the other teams. Blanche as nonbinary due to their androgynous design and the fact their artist has stated their gender is up to the player. The official consensus however is that Blanche is a woman. Despite the rivalry between the teams, Candela, Spark and Blanche are frequently portrayed as True Companions in fanworks. Not necessarily an inaccurate portrayal, as they're implied to be on good terms despite their rivalry.

In fan works, the male Trainer will almost always be affiliated with Team Instinct or just Spark and wear yellow clothes, while the female White blowjob will be affiliated with red and Team Valor. Rescue Team by the presence of an abandoned lab, Gengar having been a human in the past, and the fact the characters know of humans.

The above is applied to the PokePark games as well, which are also often believed to take place in the same universe as the Mystery Dungeon games. There are five common candidates for Ash's father. The Animationa novelization written by Takeshi Shudo says Ash's dad was a random deadbeat, but it's only considered semi-canon as many things contradict the actual anime: The Team Rocket leader, Giovanni.

Whether Giovanni knows he is Ash's father pokemon courtney hot not differs from person to person, as does if Ash is related to Silver's anime counterpart. Alternatively, Professor Oak is Ash's father. This shemale virtual sex because Oak is close to Delia and he acts as a father figure to Ash.

The usual thought is that Delia ended up pregnant while being Professor Oak's student but they hid it due to the scandal it pokemon courtney hot cause. Delia claimed tsunade porn video was impregnated by her estranged pokemon courtney hot or outright made up a husband.

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Ash's dad is Silver from the episode "The Search for the Legend", due to pokemon courtney hot a lot of similarities to Ash and having some reaction to Ash being mentioned around him. A flashback shows Ash as a young child alongside a trainer with his Rapidash. The man's face is never shown but many fans misinterpreted him as Ash's father.

Ash isn't a Red counterpart. This is most commonly used in fanfics. As a joke, Ash's dad being either Ho-Oh or Lugia gets thrown around a lot. A lot of fanfic pokemon courtney hot believe that Delia lied about Ash's father being on a journey, most commonly either to cover up that he's dead, he's a deadbeat, or he is the criminal Giovanni.

Delia and Professor Oak being romantically involvedor at least having mutual feelings, comes up a lot. This was especially prominent during naruto kaguya hentai Original Series days of the fandom. Interestingly this isn't commonly applied to the idea of Professor Oak being Ash's father, and is generally depicted as occurring pokemon courtney hot Ash's birth.

courtney hot pokemon

There's a pokemon courtney hot online signup games virtual of Ambiguous Pokemon courtney hot for the anime's Pokemon. Due to this fans have to fill in the blanks. It's assumed most of Ash's Pokemon are male except for a few: Pidgeot is often considered to be female. Chikorita is all but confirmed as female in the anime, but has never been actually confirmed.

Many people think Gliscor is female due to its sensitive personality and its affections for Ash resembling both Chikorita's and Aipom's albeit more platonically.

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Chimchar was originally seen as female. Once it evolved into an Infernape, it became more common for the incredibles lesbian sex to view it as male. Until the Sinnoh arc canonized Pikachu as male, there was a large sum of fans who assumed he was female. Even when Buneary was introduced many thought of her as either gay or a feminine boy in contrast to pokemon courtney hot tomboyish Pikachu.

Genders for the Pokemon of Ash's co-stars weren't mentioned often until Black and Whiteleading to fans to fill in the blanks: All of Brock's Pokemon pokemon courtney hot male except Vulpix. May's Blaziken and Munchlax are usually considered male, while the rest of her team is female. Max's future Pokemon courtney hot usually appears fap titans porn a female, though some fans see it as male due to it being an expy of Wally's always-male Gardevoir.

Dawn's Piplup was originally seen as female due to the fact he wore a girl's cheerleader outfit several times, however he was eventually confirmed to be male. Buneary, Ambipom, and Togekiss are confirmed female.

Pachirisu can go either way with fans, however it's implied pokemon courtney hot be male due to its design more resembling male Pachirisu. Mamoswine is confirmed male. Quilava is usually depicted as male. Team Rocket's Pokemon are all male, except for the ones confirmed female and James' Mime Jr pokemon courtney hot is also sometimes depicted as male.

Misty's Togepi is depicted as either male or female, with a lean towards it being female.

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One Name Only is the standard for characters. Fanon has tried to give many surnames, which also often apply to their game counterparts: May and her brother Max have the last name "Maple".

Eventually someone actually calls him inexperienced porn, but he corrects them, saying his name is "just Ash". Misty "Waterflower", ccourtney to a misunderstanding about her sisters title. Pokemon courtney hot common but "Williams" is also pokemon courtney hot used. Her first courtneh is canon, but the surname is coudtney. Lillie "Aether", coming from the name of the Yot Foundation.

Surge's given name is "Mathias". This comes from the choice of names in Gold. Brendan is Birch's son. It makes sense considering the games, but Pokemon courtney hot Birch never mentions him and Brendan never speaks or meets Ash and co.

He only cameos in several pokemon courtney hot the movies during the Hoenn-Sinnoh era. Brendan is Sexy roleplay online Forgotten Childhood Friend in fanworks where he appears.

Lucas is Barry's childhood friend and has a Chimchar starter. This is due to the anime making Barry and Pokemon courtney hot strangers instead Dawn is childhood friends with Barry's expyJuri han 3d porn. James' Trademark Favorite Food used to be donuts in the earlier days of the fandom but it has largely been forgotten.

Candice being a lesbian pops up a lot. Cassidy really does remember Butch's nameshe simply does that to annoy him. Due to his gravely voice and because Smoking Is Not CoolButch being videos of girls undressing smoker is common in fan-works. This is a fanon brought on by misconceptions, however many assume Jessie's Missing Mom died in an avalanche.

She underwent a Sanity Slippage and won't go back home until she captures Mew. A Dub-Induced Plot Hole in Brock's debut stated that his mother was dead, when in the Japanese version she and her husband both abandoned their kids.

This, combined with the pokemon courtney hot lack of a family resemblance between her and her kids though a few have her hair and skin tonehas resulted in many western fans writing Lola as Brock's step-mother.

Jessie's hair pokemon courtney hot usually not cut in fanart, however it will often be depicted loose instead of in her usual Anime Hair style. If not that, then they give her long hair.

Zoey is often written as a Butch Lesbian.

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This often goes with either the above-mentioned interpretation of Pokemon courtney hot as gay or Dawn and Zoey as a couple. Until the confirmation in Best Wishesalmost all fans thought he was aging. His maturation over the arcs made him seem older not helped by him being a mentor to both May and Dawnit isn't physically possible for him to go through so many regions in under a year, he celebrated the anniversary of him and Pikachu meeting in the Original Series, and his design was slave training game as looking teenage by Sinnoh.

This idea wasn't helped by his second English voice actress using a noticeably deeper voice than the original, making it seem like Ash's voice was breaking. Fan-works usually depict Ash as at least thirteen by Sinnoh, with the common theories being either that each arc is one year long or each arc is two years long.

Even with the confirmation that he's still ten pokemon courtney hot the first episode of Black and White and later Words Of Gods, many fans just ignored that and continued to pokemon courtney hot Ash as older than he canonically is which is easy considering how mature looking Ash's Kalos redesign was. She is sometimes called "Amanda" which pokemon courtney hot one of Leaf's name options. Riley is a descendant of Aaron.

He looks extremely similar to him and has islam hentai powers blonde sex games him. Due to development lead times, free cartoon creampie hard to tell if Riley's design in the games was based on Aaron pokemon courtney hot if Aaron was based off Riley.

It's frequently cited that Misty is two years older than Ash.

hot pokemon courtney

This is occasionally used to explain her somewhat risque clothes in the Original Series, and why she's taller and more mature than Ash. This is debunked in-series as pokemon courtney hot mentioned being Ash's age more than once.

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