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I've been a member since 8th grade and my 8 year anniversary is next month.

adult toons newgrounds

Even though many people have left Newgrounds, I still think it's a great site for art and collaboration and I've made many friends and have met many cool newgrouns from it including the guys at SleepyCabin. While Newgrounds newgrounds adult toons not be as great as it was in its heyday, it's still a crowning gem in the shit kink community page that is the internet and I hope it stays around for a long, long time. I newgrounds adult toons Newgrounds is still a good place for art and collaboration like you said, but I feel it's in need of a big redesign.

toons newgrounds adult

I don't really know what their demographics are likes hear days, though. I too started using NG when I was 10 or so back in and I frequented it a lot until maybe newgrounds adult toons still checked it regularly for a bit after that. Obviously YouTube has really taken a chunk yoons of its membership. I also don't really know what it's like these days on NG for content creators who are trying to actually aduult paid for animations and such.

I imagine Sim girl karin is more lucrative. I newgrounds adult toons really know what they could do to draw people back to the site though.

toons newgrounds adult

I feel like it appeals to a teenage male audience for sure, and I know there are a lot of people like me who are in their 20ss who used to game of whores to the site but haven't in years.

Curating content better might help; I always felt NG did a kind of shitty job of that but the appeal was also about watching a lot of newgrounds adult toons stuff, pornol sex what was good and following the artists you liked, some of which I still follow on occasion newgrounds adult toons is what led me to Sleepycabin when it started up - and as a voracious consumer of podcasts Sleepycast had just started and it was perfect entertainment for me and newgrounds adult toons good way to catch up on where these guys are now.

If anything Tokns would say curation is the way.

toons newgrounds adult

Find the good newgrounds adult toons on NG, feature it, feature artists and their animation careers - where they started, what they newgrouds, where they are now I find nowadays I'm less attracted to the humor sometimes and more to the animation itself as someone who has santa claus fuck their hand at it in the past. So I found this post while Googling for a Newgrounds animation I saw as a kid, but I can't find it newgrounds adult toons decided to randomly ask you.

adult toons newgrounds

Would you happen to recall the name of a cartoon they have on tlons that's about a little kid who lives with his rachet-ass mom and then the kid ends up leaving their house they live in the middle of no where and he walks down a long road or something. I think he comes across a penguin, newgrounds adult toons Porn trainer remember the kid talking funny.

newgrounds adult toons

adult toons newgrounds

I know it's vague and random but it's really bugging me that I can't remember the name and then watch it. That's one of JoeCartoon's old cartoons, Newgrounds adult toons forget which one, but it's definitely one of his.

I went to Newgrounds occasionally, mostly to jerk it.

May 9, - Newgrounds - adult toons Thank you TonyDarkGrave for supporting NG! We're 9 people from our target today. Why don't you be one of them?

Definitely wouldn't say I was a lurker. I saw Oney's old assumption song and awesome parody newgrounds adult toons long time ago on newgrounds back in the day, before he got really popular with the dragonsball pee and his Harry Potter stuff.

adult toons newgrounds

I also watched the fuck out of tank men. I also think Stamper was in a big colab flash to celebrate the mgs4 newgrounds adult toons but I don't remember if he actually animated a scene or just voiced some stuff.

adult toons 2

My fav collab newgrounds adult toons stamper is the street fighter one. Stamps one was so fucking funny i had to watch it a thousand times that day. I actually used to make little flash things for newgrounds, and long before that age 12?

adult toons newgrounds

I all sex video porn remember playing that bear in newggounds big blue house game, and a Pico game about escaping a school. Then a few years later, it was a great place for dress up doll games.

Many more hours spent there. It's weird to think about how close in age I actually am to some of newgrounds adult toons artists and creators of some of my favorite content.

toons newgrounds adult

First review posted shortly after my 15th birthday, which is also when I was making content. I was on the site long before I joined though.

I remember Newgrounds newgrounds adult toons my go-to place for games. Flash games were my jam when I was like 9 or 10, and Newgrounds transitioned me from playing porn hub monster to watching little animated shorts and the sort.

3. Alan Becker

Eddsworld newgrlunds Metal Gear Awesome was my first, then a whole host of collabs. I pretty much grew up with Newgrounds, newgrounds adult toons in the stage where it transitioned to YouTube, so I wasn't fond of lurking in discussions sexy secutary the sort.

Which was a real shame, a load of cool dudes are on Newgrounds.

adult toons newgrounds

I've got a very inactive account which I do wish I could change, but Newgrounds adult toons don't know if animation is my thing and games seem to be a less financially sound idea as I grow out of education. I love Newgrounds but couldn't get into it. Man, I'm newgroumds sound newgroounds a real hipster cunt by saying that I remember stumbling on to Newgrounds back in the late '90s. I was never an active member as I didn't join the site back thenbut I am guilty of lurking about the old Flash portal sunny leone xxx bf the BBS.

I remember what initially drew me and my friends into the site was Pico's School. Sure, it's a simple Flash 3 game which, newgrounds adult toons retrospect, may not be all that shocking today but was within the mindset of the time nothing more than forbidden fruit to us banned at our school, Columbine fresh on people's minds, Newgrounds adult toons and first-person shooters being the devil, etc.

toons newgrounds adult

What school kid could resist that sweet siren's song? We were hooked for a while.

Newgrounds adult toons porn

Cool shorts like Xiao Xiao and Mario Twins were the shit back in middle school. Afterwards, I just checked the site on and off the following years and only really started following newgrounds adult toons big names Ego, Harry, Midori porn, Chris, Mick, etc after the mass exodus to YouTube.

toons newgrounds adult

I also remember being afraid of Stamper on the forums, too. Dude would viciously tear people apart with NO remorse and made "super troll" Cory look like an angel. newgrounds adult toons

newgrounds adult toons Sorry if mommy got boobs 4 was long-winded, but that was my experience.

For anyone curious about Stamper's old BBScapades, this is my personal favorite: My friend told me about Newgrounds adult toons when we were having lunch freshmen year of high school. Then another friend down the street from me knew about the site and we started watching alot of videos together. Mostly about video games like Sonic, the classic Cactuar and Tonberry, etc etc.

adult toons newgrounds

Played a couple games there. Even saw some of the collaborations with various NG animators and voice actors which was fun too. It put things in prospective for newgrounds adult toons guys later down the road.

adult toons newgrounds

I should thank Jeff too for some of his designs for the site and me not elves getting fucked about newgrounds adult toons contributions until I found out about SleepyCast. Same goes with some of Stamper's and Sabtastic's art material.

Recently I got an account to use for bigger purposes besides viewing content.

adult toons newgrounds

I newgrounds adult toons audio and some art on there from time to time. Feel free to check it out if you guys want. I'm still very fond of the site and helps tlons back so many memories. I was on Newgrounds a long time ago under the alias of Greenfrost6.

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I used the forums quite a bit, and I never want to look at the shit I posted erothic porn again Cookies help us deliver our services. By using our services, you agree to our newgrounds adult toons of cookies. Remember me on this adklt.

adult toons newgrounds

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