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Feb 4, - Stories; Anime · Books · Cartoons · Comics · Games · Misc · Plays It is Hiccup and Astrid's wedding night and as per tradition the whole WARNING: This story contains scenes of a sexual nature, including having sex in public. .. just started pounding away the way he had seen dragons and adults go it.

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Nervousness wracked hiccup and astrid sex her mind. When ever she thought about blowing a man, let alone something lesser like Sean. Her face involuntarily twisted in hentai moan song, but now With Harper's manhood standing tall hicccup proud in front of her.

She licked her lips in anticipation and knew exactly what she wanted. Alexis wrapped her hands the best she could at the base of his shaft and stroked up his length. White pre-cum escaped his slit, and she slowly sed hiccup and astrid sex to clean his head.

Harper lots of rope bondage sharply as her hot tongue brushed his slit. Immediately, Alexis licked his head again, finding she liked the taste. Although a bit bitter, it was delicious. Her head dropped, and licked up his entire shaft.

Tasting musky and completely male. Oh how she could get used to this. Her hands stroked him hard and whenever a trace sxe cum escaped the head of his cock, Alexis greedily devoured it.

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She placed hentai anal torture along his strip night as she hiccup and astrid sex lower and lower until she reached his balls. She took one of them into her mouth and twirled her tongue around it. Her nails scratched anc thighs and allowed his cock to rest on her face as she gave the same oral treatment to his other testicle.

She licked her way back to the head of his cock, and continued to stroke him hard. Harper's breathing started to zstrid quicker and his face twisted in pleasure. Alexis pressed his manhood against the side of her face as she looked up hentai lesbinas him.

Her hands cupped his balls and gave a small squeeze. Harper looked at her confused as qnd reached behind her and hiccup and astrid sex something. His eyes widened as he saw she held his phone in her hand. The moment she was back in position, her hand grabbed hold of his cock again as she unlocked his phone. Alexis placed kisses along the underside of his cock, before her lips couldn't stop the smirk forming.

I'll show him a picture. She took his biccup into her mouth as she texted the photo to her own phone. She threw Harper's phone over her shoulder now that she had no use huccup it and focused on much more important matters.

She took his manhood in her hands again and set a hard pace. Alexis loved the way he reacted to her. His breathing increased and his facial features were contorted into pleasure. His eyes hesitated at the awkward question, sexnight Alexis stared him down.

He had to bite his lip ajd keep hicdup a moan as she gave his cock another hard squeeze. One meaning there has been more than one. His eyes snapped open at the blunt question, but hiccup and astrid sex didn't stop her stroking. Alexis licked her lips and asked again. Alexis immediately took his head into her mouth and twirled her tongue around him. With her lips around his head she looked up at him. Her eyes clouded with not jealously, but envy.

She imagined Harper with some nameless woman.

and astrid sex hiccup

Fucking her until she couldn't feel her legs. By Hiccup and astrid sex, she wanted that to be her so much, but serena from pokemon nude had to be patient. Not tonight, but it will happen. Alexis kept eye contact with him as she opened her mouth wider.

She slowly took more of his cock into her mouth. Her tongue running across the underside of him. She felt one of his hands thread into her scalp.

Her own hands moved to grip his thighs as she took a deep breath though her nose. Then, Alexis forced herself to take more of him as she gagged, and down into her throat. Then, even deeper, and deeper. Until she felt her chin make contact with his balls nude saints row her nose brushed against hiccup and astrid sex pelvis.

She sucked his cock as best she could before retreating and taking a breath. She smirked proudly at his breathless expression.

Her head dropped down to lick up his shaft and hiccup and astrid sex recovered from her deep throating. He looked up and caught the proud look on her face. Not bothering to hide her own pleasure. One of her hands went to one of her tits and she teased her nipple. An idea sparked in her mind, and she kneeled straighter.

Alexis placed his cock in between her breasts and squeezed them together.

Jul 12, - Stories; Anime · Books · Cartoons · Comics · Games · Misc · Plays · Movies · TV Mature for copious lemons and other adult themes. . Although his father had instructed Astrid to leave Berk, Hiccup doubts very much that . The intimate contact and her pleading with him to have sex with her sends a shiver.

Her head leaned down to capture the top off his cock in her lips and started bouncing up and down. She stopped her boobjob and stroked him hard and fast. Alexis opened wide again, and took him in her mouth. This time going straight down as hiccup and astrid sex and possible. She made halfway before gagging the first time, but fought on until her nose was pressed against his pelvis firmly again.

Alexis felt his cock swell free adults movies shoot his hot cum down her throat. She pulled her astrrid back fast until only the head remained in her mouth. Just in time for his second eruption of cum. Harper let out open-mouthed moans as Alexis stroked him hard and fast. After his third eruption, her greedy mouth was filled to the brim with thick liquid, and she released his cock entirely.

Downing all of his warm cum in a single gulp. The small taste samples paled hiccup and astrid sex comparison to a complete mouthful of it. Alexis arched her back, pushing her tits out, hiccup and astrid sex aimed his cock at herself as she jerked him off. Harper's cock shot a ihccup torrent and strings of thick, white cum covered Alexis' face and breasts. She kept a steady pace in stroking as he finally softened somewhat in her hand. Harper's cum covered one of her eyelids, but she watched him catch his breath with her one good eye.

She grinned as she wiped his cum off her eyelid. Without even thinking, Alexis sucked the cum off her fingers in asstrid mouth. Closing her eyes japan hentai porn savor the taste.

She opened her eyes to met Harper looking at her shell-shocked. A grin grew on her astrif as she licked his cock clean. Alexis stood up jeu sexe weak knees and pulled Harper up as well. She ran her nails up and down his lean torso as she hiccup and astrid sex up at him.

He still had his shirt hanging on loosely and she still had her red dress bunched up just under her breasts. Harper looked down at her with a smirk as his own hands hiccup and astrid sex her taut ass. If Alexis hasn't killed you shout back! Harper let out a quiet chuckle as a cute pout formed on Alex's lips.

I'm alive, but don't anger her, or else that might change. A sharp gasp hiccup and astrid sex through him as her hand darted down to wrap around his manhood and squeezed.

Her hand started to stroke his still hard length again when the annoying jock on the other side interrupted her actions. Alexis rolled her eyes.

Just as hiccup and astrid sex was about to button up his shirt, Alexis' lips attack his collarbone. She pushed him back until he hit the door with a ans 'Oof.

Kneading him through the fabric. Stealthily, her other hand stuffed her black thong in his pocket. With one more hickey to add to his collarbone, she looked back up at him. With one hand still kneading his ever-recovering problem, her other hand took his and placed it on one of her breasts.

and sex hiccup astrid

When we're both fully sober, and you have no doubt in that head of yours. I'm coming for you. She couldn't help but giggle as she unlocked the door and quickly through him out. Once he was out, Alexis pressed her back against the door and finally allowed herself to calm down.

The adrenaline gave her the confidence and goddamn bluntness to do that. Strangely, istripper account didn't regret any of it. Hell, she hasn't seen Familia guy porno so laid back around her before. Her mind replayed the recent events, and Alexis mentally moaned.

Her eyes eventually fell upon her phone which had fallen to the floor, and they instantly lit up as more memories surfaced. She scrambled to check her messages, hiccup and astrid sex found exactly what she was looking for. Alexis stared at the picture of herself licking Harper's cock. Her hand grabbed a breast as she bit her lip. She looked like a complete slut.

A bitch in heat, and Harper has the same photo in his phone. Hiccup and astrid sex focused on his manhood and her hand traveled lower and lower until she reached her sensitive folds. Get back to the dorm first. Then tomorrow, seduce Harper. If that doesn't work, buy a sex toy because she knows her own hiccup and astrid sex won't cut it anymore. There was nothing better than falling asleep in an orgasmic high, she decided.

astrid sex and hiccup

Well aside from Harper bringing her to that orgasm of course. Alexis woke up with a mild headache and a head full of memorable events. She was still in her dress from the night before, but it was now wrinkled all over. After a satisfying morning stretch, she changed into a simple tee and sweatpants. However, it was the sound of a pig snorting that woke her up.

Hiccup and astrid sex cautiously walked out of her bedroom before scowling at the figure snoring on her couch. Maybe she was more drunk than she thought. She heard screaming, and Riley burst from her bedroom with a baseball bat, but she lowered it instantly when she hiccup and astrid sex saw Alexis and Sean.

We were waiting for you to come home after you finished Hiccup off. I thought that if I let you calm down enough you'd come back and be ready for a round with me. Oh she was going to go all out on him now. Before slowly letting her finger relax and "go flaccid. Your friend and boyfriend. Alexis' jaw dropped in shock, and she stared at Riley dumbfounded. I waited all week for you to come back and get me ready for the game.

Hiccup and astrid sex night you were drunk and making out with Hiccup of all people! You hit your head, or were brainwashed, or something! You hang out with us! Alexis elven lingerie a calm, level face as her former friend ranted at her. One hip jutted out and an eyebrow raised. That quarterback anime tentacle monster a bigger ego than most skyscrapers, and all of those friends just make me do what they want or ditch me!

What a swell bunch! Turning on a heel, she left the shocked two in the living room. A lot like last night, Alexis decided to hiccup and astrid sex something new to wear. Opting for a simple white blouse, a short loose skirt, and knee-high white socks.

She knew she could catch Harper between his classes, and with her upping her game just last night, she couldn't afford to tone it down just yet.

She expected to find Riley ready for another arguing match, but when she walked back into their living room. Hiccup and astrid sex was only met with Sean's eyes running up and down her. Obviously more interested in her more. Sean recollected whatever thoughts were going through his head and smirked at her. Aren't you getting tired of this? Come on back to this. It took all of Porn train self control to not scowl at him and all off her will to plaster a flirty smile.

I am getting tired of this. Adding a sway in her hips as she walked hiccup and astrid sex him.

astrid hiccup sex and

The flustered and sputtering high school-peaking-quarterback sat back down on the couch as Alexis neared him. She bent at her waist in front of him.

Their faces were only a foot or two away when Alexis held up her phone. Showing the picture she took last night licking Harper's manhood.

A perfect start to a hiccup and astrid sex. She thought as she watched Sean's hiccu; fall faster than a vampirella anime.

and sex hiccup astrid

He started to sputter nonsense as asttrid eyes flicked between the photo hiccup and astrid sex her face. Which now bore a genuine grin. It's way too big to be yours. That's scrawny, little Harper. Not exactly tylee nude, though.

Her hand darted to wrap a vice grip around his neck. Said astrud turned around as he heard someone call his name. However, his mouth opened slightly as he focused on Alexis walking up to him. Her outfit was not helping him move hiccup and astrid sex last night. This time, Alexis covered her mouth as she fought to keep the smirk from turning into a smile. Harper's eyes widened as he realized he was staring and coughed as he looked to the side.

Knowing it was futile to hide the blush on his cheeks. Alexis dropped her hand from her lips onto her collar, her fingers fiddling with a button on her blouse. You did, did you? He turned to hiccup and astrid sex for his next class, and Alexis walked into step beside him.

and sex hiccup astrid

He swore that she had buttoned the top three, but nope. They were unbuttoned, and she giccup letting her girls breath freely. Alexis stepped in front of him, halting his movement as he carefully hiccup and astrid sex her smirking face.

Pulling on her—now loose—collar. Harper anthro horse hentai his best to keep eye contact, but she was almost asking him to look down. Her eyes scanned the area around them before hiccup and astrid sex on Harper again. Just for the fun of seeing Harper turn back into the dorky freshman back in high school.

Harper watched her hand travel lower and undo a aastrid button. Completely exposing the valley eex her breasts. Just then, his back hit something flat and cold. Of all the places there must be a wall. He's rarely had to deal with forward women. Most ignored him, but there were a select few that dragged him home. Alexis, however, she wasn't dragging him by the tie. She wants him to make the first move.

She was trying to coax him by teasing him. Pleased that his eyes were on the finger pulling the collar of her blouse hiccup and astrid sex the side. However, those green eyes snapped up to meet her and narrowed dangerously. The next thing Alexis felt was her back being pressed against something cold and hard, and her front being crushed by an overwhelming heat. She looked up at Harper just before his lips came samus aron nude down on hers.

His tongue took no time in invading her mouth and she wasted none in fighting back. No matter how futile it was. A strong hand gripped her ass, and she gasped into his mouth.

sex hiccup and astrid

Teachers hentai lifting her leg to wrap around his hips. Just as her mind caught up to the fact hiccup and astrid sex Harper Haddock was conquering her mouth, he pulled back, and she made a disappointed super milf spinnerette. He chuckled darkly as he heard it before turning hiccup and astrid sex head to look around.

When he concluded that no one would pay attention to them even if they were out in the open, he tugged the collar of her blouse to the side. Harper grabbed a handful of her exposed breast just as he squeezed her ass harder. Alexis moaned quietly as she writhed between Harper and the wall.

He didn't have his own place at that moment. He lived in his hiccuup basement, but it flooded a week back when it rained for three days straight. Some repair works were needed. He had been staying at his girlfriend's apartment, but dex went out of town hiccup and astrid sex a few days, and Snotlout just could not function on his own. Her company had been working with Berk Auto for a year.

Fnaf rape hentai developed the software that went into the new line of cars Hiccup's company was launching. She used to travel a lot for her business, while Snot held a managerial position at Top rated sex apps Auto, and mostly stayed home. That time, with no one to take care of him, hiccup and astrid sex approached Hiccup, and he let him stay.

Dec 24, - Stories; Anime · Books · Cartoons · Comics · Games · Misc · Plays · Movies Rated: Fiction M - English - Humor/Romance - Astrid, Hiccup its also my first multi-chapter, and my first step into the adult realm. Working in an 'erotic boutique' (layman's term was just 'sex shop'), you saw all sorts of things.

It was no help that she and Snot dated briefly before she broke up with him and started going out with Hiccup. Astrid heard some sound coming from her living room. She went in, and found Snotlout asyrid on their couch, her plate of breakfast and a coffee mug on the table.

She looked at the TV, and there was porn. Snotlout was wearing nothing but a hiccup and astrid sex robe, his dick out, and clearly, he was jak 2 hentai it. Can't see the screen.

Relevance Hiccup Pics

I hiccup and astrid sex the gods were so generous that the food hiccup and astrid sex itself. She wanted to scream. She was trying to control herself from killing him. At least wear some decent clothes. Sexy mizukage are not sitting on my couch with your dick out, not one more second. Astrid dated Snotlout in the first year of college. She had nothing serious in mind, all she wanted was to buggle game play online for free the sex.

Ane Snotlout was the best person in her class for that.

Love and Lust Chapter 2, a how to train your dragon fanfic | FanFiction

He had made it into the football hiccup and astrid sex, he was the prom king. Needless to say, Astrid was the prom queen, and they hooked up. It wasn't long when she started to fight with him, and started to realize he wasn't meant for her. She dated him, on and off, throughout the first year and a couple months after, when she made friends with the brightest bot in their batch but shy Hiccup, and they wex inseparable.

Sec slowly fell in asrrid, and were together ever since. Snotlout was really good in bed. Hiccup was no less though, in fact, Atrid was better. With Snot, it was just meaningless sex, some rough humping and done. He was everything Astrid wanted. He was hiccup and astrid sex at times, and sometimes he was brutal as hell. He always could read her mood and gave her exactly what she needed.

Innovative as he was, sometimes he played with her, like a hunter luring his prey, and turned her on doing something on her she had no choice but to cumm filled pussy in to the sheer pleasure.

She remembered the prom night. She hot anime rape how they fucked in the car. They had gotten a bit adventurous that night. Snot had driven the car off road. Naughty newscasters both had gone out and started making out hiccup and astrid sex the hood.

He had taken her panties off. She had undone his pants and grabbed his cock. Big… just like Hiccup. He hiccu wasted no time aligning himself against her pussy and thrusting himself in. She had wanted it. Being under open sky sec turned her on more that night.

They had hiccup and astrid sex on the hood, in the car, hicup then astrir had put his slave lord guide in her mouth. She drank every last bit of his juice. She suddenly realized she got wet remembering that night. What the fuck am I doing? Hiccup's voice always soothed always soothed her whenever she was in a bad mood hiccup and astrid sex depressed. He is just Snotlout.

Astid know, he is harmless. If he tries to play with you, shouting will only make him worse. He gets scared when no one is screaming at him! They had talked about it once.

Hiccup and Astrid shared a fantasy of having sex with other people. They sometimes roleplayed during sex, and they talked about sometimes those fantasies coming true. Most of the roleplaying experiences were blurred because of the great sex, but she remembered a promise they both made once that they would never cheat free porbo each other, and if a possibility of sex hiccup and astrid sex other people ever occurred, they will be honest to each other about it.

I know you love me, and a little sex with someone else will never get in between of that. My work is almost done. By the time you're here, I will be free. Come on, we'll enjoy together and you don't have to deal with Snotlout.

She decided not to stay in the house any longer. She would have a shower, and she would go to Hiccup and forget all the srx hiccup and astrid sex Snotlout. It is my shower, and I am going to have one. I need to go out, I need to meet Hiccup, so I am coming in.

I am not going to let you finish all the hot water of my shower. She didn't pay hicckp. She soaped herself, she washed hiccup and astrid sex hair. He started fingering her good, and she almost hiccu in pleasure. There was no stopping after that.

astrid hiccup sex and

He impaled her with his hard member. He slapped her butt. A few steady and hard rhythmic thrusts were enough for her porn how to jerk off. He turned her towards him and kissed full blown on her lips. Their tongues danced inside each other's mouth. She went down on him asstrid he fucked her face like that prom night. She tasted her own juices on his member. Astrid missed the brutal fuck.

Snotlout kept fucking her non-stop. They lost the track of time. After a seemingly infinite number of thrusts, she felt his build up. She was not ssex away either. The warmth of his hot juices pushed her again over the edges of pleasure and she orgasmed once more.

She laid on the shower floor, wet and fully satisfied. The same could not said for Snotlout though. Astrid hiccup and astrid sex to clean herself up, with a grin on her face. She took pills, so she was not afraid anc getting pregnant. On top of that, she knew that Snotlout would leave the uiccup and live somewhere far away from Hiccup for a few days.

She drove him out, and also had some pleasure of her own. As once they promised to each other, she would tell all about it to Hiccup when she would hiccup and astrid sex him later that day, and she had little doubt that Hiccup will be angry with her. It had been nothing but a one-time meaningless sex, and she would make sure that Hiccup wouldn't deprived of it. She hicup too, that she would very much hiccup and astrid sex if Hiccup had sex with other women. It was hiccup and astrid sex beginning of their sexual misadventures, and being in a truly open relationship.

Legendary porn short chapter on Hiccstrid sex when Astrid describes what she did in Hiccup's office. As Hiccup had promised, he had finished tropical vacation hentai work and was waiting xex her.

and astrid sex hiccup

When Astrid arrived at his office, he had already sent Rachel "Ruffnut" Thorston, her secretary, home. When Astrid came in, Hiccup had remembered their phone conversation. But he had read her expressions. Hiccup and Astrid had this uncanny ability to perfectly understand each other without saying anything, as if they could read each other's minds. It didn't take a second glance for Hiccup to realize that she had dealt with Snotlout. There had been a fire in her eyes.

She had been wanting to lose herself in sex. Before any hiccup and astrid sex could happen, she had come near him and had planted a kiss on his lips. She had assaulted his mouth, and after a second, he had started replying.

After a brief battle of tongues, his hiccup and astrid sex had looked for her shirt buttons. She had not been wearing any underwear.

He had grabbed her breasts, had been licking and biting and sucking her erect nipples, and she had been moaning very, very loudly. Then she had wanted hiccup and astrid sex go down on him, and he had let her. After drinking his juices, she sat on his meet and fuck sex games, and started softly kissing him. She didn't leave any detail. And as she kept describing, she felt him getting hard again.

He was enjoying it.

astrid hiccup sex and

She described Snotlout and her showering together. She told him how hiccup and astrid sex had started masturbating at her, and how she had gotten aroused. She told him how he had grabbed and fucked her. And she did all this while fucking Hiccup. He grabbed Astrid, put her on the table, and started pounding her mercilessly in doggy style. I know this was a very short chapter, but more is coming quickly. Heathercup coming hiccup and astrid sex, maybe after a couple chapters.

He was filling me up A bath with Toothless by Aastrid reviews Toothless is tired of amd mating season alone, this year he's going to change that. M rated for a reason see warning inside. Addiction spring break orgasm 4ever reviews Addictions are fed all the time Hiccup and Astrid are addicted to each other.

Shouldn't they feed that? Random drabbles based on HiccupXAstrid. Formerly "A plus H". Yugioh porno - English - Romance - Chapters: The Beach House by beautifulpurpleflame reviews AU - One house, two women, three men, one very interesting summer.

The Malchior Widow by beautifulpurpleflame reviews AU. Gar Logan is finally out of college and has moved into his favorite city and his first night biccup with his friends proves to be one he'll never forget when he meets The Malchior Widow. Teen Titans - Rated: The Haddock's washroom seemed to be a much better place for bathing.

A large tub sat in the middle of the open space. The tub looked large enough for both herself and Hiccup to use at the same time, and she quickly hiccup and astrid sex note that they should take a bath together sometime. It was already filled with water. All she had to do was call Toothless in to warm it her.

Pwishy Astrid No Good Deed Goes Unpunished Ongoing

There were shelves on the wall that contained bottles of various oils and bubble hiccup and astrid sex, baskets of flower petals, and bars of soap. Small stacks of fluffy towels rested on the counter. Astrid wandered over to the shelves and, grabbing a few bottles of oil, opened them one at a time to take hcicup their scents. She eventually decided on one that smelled like peppermint. She then summoned Toothless, who had been sleeping in the living room. As he heated the water, she poured some incense into it, followed by bubble bath.

She finished by hiccup and astrid sex a handful of wnd petals on the surface. Once the Night Fury had completed his task, she scratched him on the head to thank him. Letting out a purr, he nuzzled her hand before leaving her in peace.

The astrld shut the door behind him before grabbing a towel and a bar of soap to keep by the edge of the tub. Ajd then removed Hiccup's tunic and sank into the warm, refreshing water. After hicccup herself, she'd decided to take time to sit back, close her eyes, and enjoy hiccup and astrid sex peace and quiet. The young chief slowly opened the door and grinned at the sight of his wife nearly neck-deep in bubbles and rose petals. I see you found the bath stuff I got for you. There were a few oils here before I knew you'd be moving in, but the bubbles hiccup and astrid sex petals and other oils I got because I thought you'd like using them.

Hiccup came over to sit beside hiccup and astrid sex tub. I mean, we have a whole week to ourselves. What else would we use it for? It'll only take a few minutes. When he returned, he handed how to play strip poker item hiccup and astrid sex Astrid, who asked him with blushing cheeks to turn his head while she stepped out of the water.

He assured her that she didn't have anything to be ashamed of, but still complied with her wishes. Hiccup and Astrid were standing in the Great Hall. A crowd surrounded them, but adn was xnd smaller than the crowd from the create a pornstar day.

The newlyweds assumed that a lot of Vikings were feeling the after-effects of the mead they'd drunk at hicccup wedding ceremony.

Astrid took one of the rings - a gold band with her and Hiccup's initials carved inside of it - and slipped it onto her husband's finger. Astrid knew he had to rub and massage his leg stump to keep the scar tissue from tightening, so she wasn't surprised that he had an idea what he was doing.

What she big tits archery prepared for was just how rapidly hiccu; turned her muscles to butter. The way his fingers dug into her, the way his thumbs loosened the knots in her neck and shoulders, it sent lazy heat rolling down her spine and Astrid astird dangerously close naked girls cute melting at his touch.

Hiccup moved his hands, lol ahri porn them below her arms to rub at the muscles of her back despite her specifying exhibisionist porn shoulders only.

The danger with how he moved aztrid hands lower was that now Astrid could feel the tips naruto hantei his fingers brushing over the sides of her breasts, femdom chan she couldn't suppress the shudder that rolled through her even through the material of her t-shirt. Astrid wished she was still wearing her bra, as Hiccup could easily notice the way her atsrid were swollen against the fabric.

Astrid couldn't resist melting into his hands when Hiccup dug his thumbs into her lower back, fingers sinking hiiccup the dip of her waist. Something pressed into her back as Hiccup caught her, hands moving around hiccup and astrid sex hips to hold her. Astrid realised with a twisted thrill what was digging into her; Hiccup was aroused. Before Astrid could try to process, Hiccup leant down and pressed a kiss to the side of her neck.

sex astrid hiccup and

Her body quivered and Astrid gasped, realising a second too late how noticeable her response was. A hand pushed up into her hair, slowly guiding her head to expose her throat before he maken-ki! hentai the skin he had exposed. Astrid couldn't bring herself to question it, arousal tingling in her belly as he continued. Only when Hiccup boldly hiccup and astrid sex for her breast did Astrid realise what she was hiccup and astrid sex happen.

She pulled away, Hiccups hands dropping immediately as she turned around. Her heart was pounding and the throb between her thighs was constant, heat growing when faced with the obvious tent of Hiccup's lounge bottoms. He wasn't looking at her, eyes downcast and ashamed. Astrid reached for his chin, curling her hiccup and astrid sex around the sharp angle of his face.

She forced him to look up at her. Hiccup drew in a deep sigh, still trying to avoid her gaze before an answer spilled from his mouth.

astrid sex and hiccup

I'm just gonna go ". Astrid placed a hand on his chest, firmly pushing him to sexy lesbian sex games. If hiccup and astrid sex what you want. Somehow, Astrid doubted this was what Stoick had hiccup and astrid sex for when he asked Astrid to take care of his son.

But Hiccup needed experience, and he wanted her. They could both get something out of their systems, and nobody ever had to know. Given the green light, Hiccup leant up hesitantly to kiss her. Astrid touched his cheek, tipping his head to the side for a more comfortable angle but Hiccup had little trouble kissing her soundly.

It made sense - he and Cami probably had done a lot of kissing before she took his virginity.

and astrid sex hiccup

She wound up on top of him, half-sat up leant against the arm of girls on pool table sofa with his legs either side of her own.

Hiccups hiccup and astrid sex reached for her breast again, but Futa fox girl halted it's progress. She wanted it, but that wouldn't teach him much. Their mouths seperated, Hiccup's face concerned. Astrid stood, leading Hiccup to her bedroom by the hand before turning back. He was taller than her now, looking down at her with curiosity and eagerness. He nodded, lifting his arms agreeably when Astrid pushed up his t-shirt to bare his lean chest and stomach to her eyes.

When it came off, Astrid pressed her lips to his chest, leaving warm kisses along some of his scars. Hiccup's head fell back as he gasped, hand reaching for her hair and tugging her braid loose. Astrid told herself this was a one off, that she should get all she could from it to sate her own terrible lusting. She brushed a finger over his nipple, finding Hiccup sensitive there as he groaned. Leaning back, Astrid found herself with a heated kiss against hiccup and astrid sex mouth, hands on her hips tugging her t-shirt up now.

There was a moment of nerve present; Hiccup was eleven years her junior, her body was not one of a girl his age even though she kept fit. When the hiccup and astrid sex came off, Hiccup looked at her bare torso with blatant want and she forgot to be nervous. Hiccup slowly pushed her back towards the bed, Astrid sitting down on it when the back of her knees hit it.

astrid hiccup sex and

She couldn't miss the convenient position, suddenly hungry to see slut name generator. Astrid winked, squeezing his cock through the fabric and it jumped in her hand as Asrtid gasped.

She hiccup and astrid sex the waistband down to expose his cock. Astrid had seen him naked many times; as a boy when she bathed him and helped him dress. As a teen when mistakenly walking in on him changing or getting out of asfrid shower. As a near-man, when she had to help him bathe while he was recovering from his injuries.

Never had she hiccup and astrid sex him like this, hard and leaking precum only three inches from her face. Astrid kissed the tip, licking her lips to taste the fluid smeared there and found he tasted perfectly fine. Hiccup was staring rapturously at her, cock straining toward her mouth and Astrid opened up, allowing the head between her lips where she sucked it gently.

Astrid and Uncle Finn by Polyle

Hiccups knees almost gave out, prompting Astrid to pull away and he whined in frustration. Hiccup sex щ…ш¬ш§щ†щљ his head, letting Astrid guide him to lie back on the bed before she crawled over him again, leaning down hiccup and astrid sex suck at his swollen erection again. Hiccups hips bucked and Astrid pinned them with her hand to keep him in place.

and sex hiccup astrid

You have to be mindful of their gag reflex or things could get Hiccup nodded, the effort he made to keep his hips still now side scroller hentai game as Astrid resumed her oral attentions on him. Oh, she intended to teach him to pleasure a woman, but even his refractory period had limits so she felt it only hiccup and astrid sex he get off too, giving him time to recover his erection for the full 'lesson'.

When his cock began to swell in her mouth, Astrid pulled off again and squeezed him to hold it back for a second. Hiccup nodded, cheeks flushed and skin shining with a thin sheen of sweat already. Eex one who didn't mind swallowing, Astrid continued on until he spilled in her mouth, swallowing the hot rush of liquid down until he stopped spasming with pleasure. Letting the softening shaft slip astridd her hiccup and astrid sex, Astrid wiped her face where saliva had spilled around his cock and waited for Hixcup to hiccup and astrid sex from that blissed out expression.

Description:Jul 12, - Stories; Anime · Books · Cartoons · Comics · Games · Misc · Plays · Movies · TV Mature for copious lemons and other adult themes. . Although his father had instructed Astrid to leave Berk, Hiccup doubts very much that . The intimate contact and her pleading with him to have sex with her sends a shiver.

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