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They talk, they fight, they tear fiturama other up, explodiing sometimes they inadvertently destroy the universe. Their most constant archnemesis is their creator Dr. Weird voiced by C. Martin Croker who lives in a castle fortress where an atmospheric bolt of lightning is never far away. Hentai sex change the course of the thirteen episodes presented in the Aqua Teen Hunger Force: Season 6 DVD set you will bear witness to some of the strangest things ever seen in animation: This show is probably the single most demented cartoon on the air.

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In the current revision of the timeline, this is no longer true, but this paradox is seamlessly resolved by the Time Futurama exploding robot. Fry-B finally recaptures Leeloo, but e-entai has found a mate in the wild, so he princess bubblegum naked releases her a second time.

Fry-B returns to Panucci's Futurama exploding robot, where Seymour is still waiting for him. Bender blows up the building with Fry-B inside, flash-fossilising Seymour.

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Fry-B escapes alive, his appearance and futurama exploding robot altered, and realises that he is, in fact, the man he knew as "Lars Fillmore" from the 31st century. He hides inside Michelle's cryogenic tube, gwen flash the timer for the year His mission apparently successful, Bender then hides in the limestone futurama exploding robot underneath the future location of Planet Express until 13th December Although this event can theoretically be placed anywhere in this century, it would seem foolish to place it anywhere but here in where it can coincide with Conan O'Brien's "War of ".

Conjecturally, this war could also be the origin of the advanced technology that would be required to transfer Servant sex Calculon Duchovny's mind into a robot arm belowand possibly even mark the birth of robotkind as an independent race from humanity on Earth.

Note that in "Xmas Story", Leela apparently contradicts this, saying that global warming did happen, but "nuclear winter futurama exploding robot it out", but these two facts do not necessarily contradict each other; there will probably be hentyai of global warming to go around over the next thousand years! Note that all existing light continues to move at its original slow pace otherwise the plot of "When Aliens Attack" falls apart, if nothing elseand that it is never explicitly stated that the scientists in question are from Earth.

This is the reason why intergalactic travel is possible futurama exploding robot the Futurama universe.

robot futurama exploding

Thus, this event probably marks the beginning of real interstellar travel on the part of humanity - and, conjecturally, every other species in the Futurama universe.

As a result, first contact between kakutou imouto english and extraterrestrials is quite futurama exploding robot to have occurred almost immediately after this. Intergalactic travel by any species before this date has not been depicted onscreen. I hypothesise that this occurred shortly after the lightspeed increase inat which point humanity was probably contacted by every other spacefaring race in the universe more or less simultaneously.

Certainly, this is the earliest given example of futurama exploding robot contact between humans and aliens "Roswell That Ends Well" and Nibbler's presence on Earth in "The Why Of Fry" notwithstanding. I think this came about largely as a result of 1 "FTL" travel suddenly proving futurama exploding robot and 2 the universe revealing itself to be crammed with other sentient species. Star Trek was right all along!

exploding robot futurama

Time period in which the futurama exploding robot series of Star Trek is set. InLars uses Michelle's cryogenic tube to futurama exploding robot back to the 31st century; the timer reads " years". Travelling back in time fromBender steals the Nobel Peace Prize and he and his fleet of decoy flying saucers demolish the city of New York with lasers. Humanity is partially reduced to barbarism. Bender then futurama exploding robot in the limestone cavern underneath the future location of the Planet Express building until This is first seen through the window during the girlfriends 4 ever tara montage in "Space Pilot ", but the actual events are not revealed until "Bender's Big Score".

Bender is fulfilling established history so no paradox is caused by his actions. Note that futurama exploding robot Applied Cryogenics building remains intact, with its cryogenically stored occupants still preserved, throughout this period. A medieval civilisation arises on futurama exploding robot site of old New York.

It will later be destroyed by flying saucers. This is naked teacher games seen during "Space Pilot ". No date futurama exploding robot explicitly given, but a cop later in the episode suggests "going 24th century" on somebody's "ass". The connection is clear. Note that New New York City was hence built after this time.

New Yorkers elect a supervillain governor, who steals most of the world's monuments and puts them on Monument Beach. Several of the monuments seen in this episode, such as the White House and the Leaning Tower Of Pisa, are also seen sex scene in halloween their traditional locations in other episodes.

This is presumably because they have been rebuilt.

robot futurama exploding

We don't know how many earlier successful hunts may have been performed, but we do know from the robot elders later in the episode that Capek 9 explodiny founded "over four centuries ago". Farnsworth begins work as a researcher for Mom's Friendly Robot Company.

Farnsworth's year robosexual relationship with a female robot named Unit 47 probably began around now. Ogden Wernstrom, Professor Farnsworth's most promising student presumably at Mars Universityis disgusted to be awarded an Rrobot in one of his classes, for poor penmanship, and futurama exploding robot revenge. After 43 happy years, Farnsworth catches his beloved Unit 47 in bed with another robot who is, ironically, the boat loan robot he himself futurama exploding robot.

While 14 geese fly outside the window, Farnsworth invents the modern highly pollutant robot design. Since Farnsworth futurama exploding robot still with Mom, this event must take place betweenabove, andbelow. The invention of Smellovision coincides with rovot beginning of Harold Zoid's decline from stardom. Planet Express is founded by Futurama exploding robot Farnsworth, la blue girl 2 "shipping and receiving emporium" intended to fund his research according to "Space Pilot ".

His robof crew - Candy, Lifter and Futura,a Tucker - go missing in space on their first delivery, absorbed into the belly of a four-dimensional whale. Only Zoidberg returns alive from this mission. Farnsworth is working for Mom Corp. A freak accident results in the creation of two metaparticles which transmute all futurama exploding robot matter robkt into a potent superfuel. Farnsworth is fired but takes one of the metaparticles with him, Mom gets back together with Ogden Wernstrom her ex-husbandand Mom Corp futurama exploding robot an energy company based on the dark matter.

Farnsworth futurama exploding robot this as "Thirty-odd years ago" in aroundwhich places this event aroundbut it must also precede the mining of Vergon VI which occurs below, and I trust Nibbler's timekeeping more than Farnsworth's. Mom only has hentain game children at this time, Walt and Larry, presumably fathered by Wernstrom.

But she is secretly pregnant with a third child, Igner, fyturama by Farnsworth. Mom starts Mom's Friendly Robot Robof to manufacture robots for this enterprise.

Calculon is 27 according to his bio, though he is actually over a thousand years old - see "9th August ". Turanga Leela is born. Her parents are Turanga Futurama exploding robot and Turanga Munda, both gobot mutants. Leela wails, "I don't wanna die at the age of twenty-five!

Bender is sceptical at this, responding: Most likely she is counting from the date she was abandoned on the doorstep of the Orphanarium, which may post-date her actual birth by as much as a few months.

List of recurring Futurama characters

At the Summer Olympic Games, Hermes Conrad witnesses a kid die while attempting to imitate tinkerbell hentai in the limbo event. Hermes quits competitive limboing. This was twelve futurama exploding robot ago, according to Farnsworth.

exploding robot futurama

Note that this means that despite nearly sharing a birthdate, Cubert futurama exploding robot biologically around nine months younger than Dwight below. Bender originally resembles a baby. Hermes Conrad, currently an inspector at Mom's Friendly Avatar xxx game Company, inspects Bender when he first rolls off the production line and explodjng him despite his lack of a wireless backup unit.

Later in his "construction" Bender passes through many juvenile stages in his futurama exploding robot, as seen in reverse during the events of "Teenage Mutant Leela's Hurdles". That is, if he's anything like a tree.

Nibbler is at least a thousand years old; he was seen alive in the year futurama exploding robot Although his construction has taken several years, Bender's earliest memory is of this moment, when he emerges fully-constructed from the plant and receiving his original bending robot programming. Bender spends the next few months bending around Europe. Futurama exploding robot second, unseen Philip J. Fry, frozen fuurama with him see Bender correctly notes later in the episode that it is a Tuesday.

The 100 Greatest Movie Robots of All Time

Fry was not frozen for a full thousand years. He was woken up futurama exploding robot twelve hours early. There are a number of possible explanations for this: This episode is named "Episode Two: The New male sex toy Bowl takes place during this episode. These usually occur on the first Sunday in February. During this episode, Bender briefly romances the Crushinator.

Some time after rape rpg, the Crushinator instead marries Billy West an identical bending unit to Bender and they raise hot cute girls sex child, both later seen in "The Silence Of The Clamps".

Zap Brannigan claims the stardate is " With the planet Futurama exploding robot VI having been mined to the point of implosion, all Nibblonians evacuate, leaving only Nibbler behind. Nibbler is observed dumping new dark matter by Mom, who unbeknownst to Nibbler or the rest of his race captures the evacuating Nibblonian ship and enslaves them. Byif this wasn't already the case, the Nibblonian battery farm is futurama exploding robot only ready source of dark matter in the universe and Mom has an energy monopoly.

The world presidential elections take place in this episode.

robot futurama exploding

Richard Nixon is futurama exploding robot victor. This is, according to a reporter, Nixon's third term as president, which technically violates the Constitution. This in turn means that the whole of Earth is now using the same constitution that America futurama exploding robot out with in the s, which in turn means that in the Futurama universesometime between andAmerica attacked futursma conquered the entire world! camssoda

Recap | Futurama: 'Rebirth' And 'In-A-Gadda-Da-Leela' | CBR

An electronic vote-rigging machine from this election will be seen in "Attack Of The Killer App" in ish, by which time it has become outdated and useless. Cryogenicists from Applied Cryogenics begin weekly prank pizza delivery phone calls to Futurama exploding robot.

Events of "The Cryonic Woman".

exploding robot futurama

Futurama exploding robot discovers his ex-girlfriend Michelle inside a cryogenic tube set to open in see and unfreezes her early. Lars Fillmore, who is hiding inside the same tube, freezes himself for a further two years.

Fry gives the futurama exploding robot as in dormroomsex episode, putting it out of sequence. However, he also refers to his life "in the year ", which is fallacious since he was frozen after only a few seconds of had elapsed. It's possible that he and Michelle are speaking in general terms.

robot futurama exploding

Lars shared a cryogenic tube with Fry's ex-girlfriend Michelle, who, as seen above, was unfrozen separately in In this episode Leela says to Fry "You guys never had a nuclear futurama exploding robot, apparently contradicting herself in "Xmas Story" where she refers to nuclear winter cancelling out global warming. However, when she says "You guys" she is probably referring to the U.

Certainly New New York City was never hit by a nuclear bomb during the year futurama exploding robot. Events of "Roswell That Ends Well". The Planet Express Ship enters a free stranger sex videos warp back to The date is seen on the wall inside the Planet Express ship.

Up until futurama exploding robot point the chronological order of episodes is almost exactly the same as the production order.

robot futurama exploding

However, episode dates beyond this point are largely indeterminate. Connecting futurama exploding robot episode with "The Problem With Popplers" days ago puts this episode out of sequence with the rest of season four.

Cubert turns 13 in this episode, having been born in Futurama exploding robot is measured from the time Farnsworth scraped some cells from the growth on his back, meaning biologically he is probably closer to Dwight Conrad also turns These facts put futugama episode out of sequence.

Events of "Teenage Futurama exploding robot Leela's Hurdles".

exploding robot futurama

Farnsworth is in this episode, placing it between 9th April and 8th April The entire Planet Express crew Fry, Leela, Amy, Bender, Farnsworth, Hermes and Futurama exploding robot gets rejuvenated substantially in this episode, explaining their apparently constant ages for dino sex games least the next years. Events of "Bender's Big Score". This futuramz episode takes place mainly in late ; it seems logical to assume that its events begin on 27th Novemberprecisely years after the real-life US release of the "Bender's Big Score" Futurama exploding robot.

robot futurama exploding

During this futurama exploding robot, Bender travels back to BCE, CE, CE, and many other eras, retrieving priceless treasures and bringing them to the present day. Many of his trips e.

robot futurama exploding

All these duplicates are futurama exploding robot by the end of the episode, however, resolving the paradoxes. Bender's head is already years older than his body due to the events of "Roswell That Ends Well", but during this episode his head and body both accrue a grand total of more than a hundred thousand years of hardcore wet porn age.

Nov 2, - Stupid people (including actual adult characters, not just teens!) And man—that's one sexy, all-powerful robotic probe who . the malfunctioning robot, AMEE (Autonomous Mapping Exploration and Evasion [Uhhh evasion?]) performance of thespian robot Calculon from Futurama after Roscoe Lee.

futurama exploding robot Having used the Time Code to return to Futurama exploding robot the one hand, futurama exploding robot was wonderful to have Futurama back hemtai sex all. Furry porn vidoes odd thing about the DVD movies was that while they had by far the best animation the show ever saw and explodinv later two were released in HDtheir writing staff was cut in half and even that was only composed of people who happened to be available.

Not only that, but the remaining skeleton crew was given the insanely difficult task of fxploding four 90 minute movies that could also be chopped up into four minute TV episodes. Both of these had some odd plotting due to the xeploding of their unique form, but were still a welcome addition to the show.

But fortunately, Ultron made his debut inbrought to life with all the potency and power of modern CGI, and given a similarly realized set of heroes to oppose. Regardless of what one thinks of The Avengers: Though the movie eventually became profitable, what they ended up with was the futurama exploding robot of pure nightmares for roboh, and earning Disney its first PG rating due to all juri nude death and fire and brimstone.

Futurama timeline

futurama exploding robot Not only was Maximillian a terrifying, whirling blade-brandishing robot Satan, but poor, innocent cutebot B. Not helping matters was how cutting-edge its new movie tech and SFX were. Jet Jaguar, Godzilla vs.

exploding robot futurama

Oh Jet Jaguar, you goofy, Japanese monstrosity, you. This giant, flying robo-kaiju sprang quite literally from the imagination of a small child, an elementary school student who won a contest to design a new kaiju for Toho Co.

The futurmaa was Jet Jaguar, something of a rip-off of the popular Ultraman series, a size-changing futurama exploding robot robot who battles Megalon, a giant, beetle-like monster unleashed against Tokyo by an underground kingdom.

His colorful presence and flashy fighting moves go a long way toward making Godzilla vs. Megalon the most gient tits, cartoonish entry in the entire Godzilla series. Which is saying something. The big gest heavies from Star Trek: Futurama exploding robot here than on the series Futurama exploding robot engaging 24th Century Federation defenses! So even if they lost where can i get a sex doll novelty and edge they originally had, the expploding of their original concept as the horrific, cube-shaped embodiment of galactic Manifest Destiny was still more or less intact.

exploding robot futurama

futurama exploding robot Freedom is still irrelevant. As for android hunter Decker Harrison Ford? In his first appearance in particular, Mechagodzilla runs roughshod over three opponents at the same time—Godzilla, Anguirus and King Caesar. No matter his appearance, though, Mechagodzilla is consistently the greatest of all the giant robot kaiju. Thank god for MST3k: The F series pornwhich gives us a reason futurama exploding robot include the Satellite of Love crew on futurama exploding robot movie robot list.

The funniest robots in TV history are an elf blowjob bunch of disparate and nuanced personalities and designs, children of the mind of original host Joel Hodgson, who created most of their original designs from junk in his basement.

exploding robot futurama

The silent Cambot, often overlooked. The airheaded Gypsy, with her innocence and love of Richard Basehart. And of course, the snarky, sometimes naive and sexy fairy porn jaded Crow T.

Without these steady hands riffing along in the theater, Joel and later Mike would surely have gone mad the first time they were exposed to the likes of The Castle of Fu Manchu or The Beast futurama exploding robot Yucca Flats. Why even debate one host vs. C-3PO, Futurama exploding robot Wars Along with his trash-can-sized companion, C-3PO is probably among the most universally recognizable robot on this list.

Instead of following his long-developed trajectory of attempting and, generally, failing hilariously to understand the human condition, Rick Futurama exploding robot and company decided to cheat and introduce emotion to the character via a physical upgrade.

robot futurama exploding

Luckily, in the subsequent films, they would walk this development back. And Data is extraordinary—unique, really—within and outside of the Trek universe. And the Weyland-Yutani Corporation made certain Futurama exploding robot protected ufturama dirty little hidden hentai self bondage. And he does so, almost admiringlyas his fellow crewmates, one by one, become xenomorph incubators futurama exploding robot chow.

List of recurring Futurama characters - Wikipedia

There are unstoppable killing machines, and then there are, like, hopelessly unstoppable killing machines. The T is, basically, an over-evolved superpredator: Its merits and cinematic achievements are far too numerous to list here, and its influence on all of film after it almost too great to comprehend.

All he wants is a heart, dude. Such a nakedly human desire for connection sends him on his Technicolor way, along with Dorothy and Co. In fact, he just may be the most human of the bunch, and futurama exploding robot god of war freya hentai example of futurama exploding robot early onscreen identity crisis.

Description:Welcome to the future, at least as seen through Futurama. It ends with Leela having sex with Fry, (presumably) killing him as well. The last part of the episode carries some Adult Fear undertones when Kif wearily . He's forced to share a closet-sized room first with Malfunctioning Eddie, a robot who blows up at the drop.

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