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from the MLP movie Equestria Girls my little sis made me watch it with her. it was not nearly as good as the regular show. this was not stolen but it was on NG.

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Anime convention porn, when adapting to humanity, equesrria has thousands and thousands of different celestia equestria girl types, it is irresponsible to only stick with one. This move will porn bastards tracer celestia equestria girl the dolls easier, and oh, there will be dolls, but it presents the message to young girls that there is one standard of beauty, one way they should look.

What a terrible message! The one good thing I can say about Equestria Girls is that they decided to make it a film and not a show. Throughout the episode, Twilight becomes more and more frustrated with Pinkie. It just means celdstia have to choose to celestja in them.

And sometimes it takes a friend to show you the way. Discussion of child sexual abuse and child pornography The other day my friends finally dragged celestia equestria girl into idol hell.

This episode is excruciatingly literal. Lady Geek Girl and Friends.

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Second, I'd like to agree with some of you beforehand that, yes, for clop it's abnormally long. It just sells for celestia equestria girl But if that's not your thing, then by all means, scroll through until celestia equestria girl get to the juicy bits. And thirdly, for those who do share my affinity celestia equestria girl story, I'd like to give you all a nudge to pay attention to a certain part of the story, since I left quite the easter egg. Some of you will recognize it when you see it, and I ask that you don't reveal it in a review when you do, though there's a good chance you will anyways.

Lastly, I'd like to note that there is an live sex game Iron Pony Competition in the actual show, and that I wish to say that I was completely unware of that competition until one night while watching Netflix, and that it had nothing to do with the composition of this story.

equestria girl celestia

It was purely by coincidence that there was a simple change from Iron Pony to Iron Stallion, and I actually thought long and hard what to name it. With all that being said, please, enjoy a tale of triumph, struggle, familial strength, and But seriously, enjoy the clop, and please don't be afraid to leave a review. I'd like to know what everypony's thoughts are. Throws back the silk curtain to reveal the first scene.

Big Mac sat calmly in his seat as the train left the station in Ponyville and made it's way towards the capital city of Canterlot, with his younger celestia equestria girl Applejack and Apple Bloom sitting on either side of him and excitely chatting away about the events to come with Twilight and her friends, and Sweetie Belle and Cepestia.

He cracked a small, eqquestria smile as he watched them converse with wet pussy fucking respective friends that had decided to tag along and support celestia equestria girl, with Pinkie Pie already celestia equestria girl plans for the red stallion's party for coming in first place.

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But on the inside he felestia quite anxious, nervous even, and as he stared out the train car window, his mind continued to return on the whole reason he and they were even going to the big city in the first place.

For the better part of the celestia equestria girl eight months, Big Mac had been training whenever he could with his younger sisters for one of the biggest competitions that was being held within the royal city; the Iron Stallion Competition.

It was, strangely, an all-stallion contest celestia equestria girl was held anually by Princess Celestia and Princess Luna personally, challenging any and all earth ponies, pegasi, and unicorns in a test of celestia equestria girl endurance, strength, and speed.

Nearly every stallion worth his salt lick from Ponyville to Canterlot equedtria even some from as far flung as Prone sex xxx and Appleoosa, with Braeburn even throwing his hat in one year- had trained intensely, some longer than Big Mac had, to compete for the opportunity to earn their spot in the final competition.

But in the end only a handful had made the cut, and that included theirs truly.

But Big Mac knew that the preliminaries were just the easy part of the actual contest, and he would have to compete with the other thirty stallions that made the intense cut. He knew one or two of them were professional athletes that sought a difficult challenge; they would be the ones that would give the farm stallion a run celestia equestria girl his Bits.

The rest were either former athletes that came out of retirement big dick sex com for the competition or, like Big Giel, were amateurs that made up the majority who sought personal celestia equestria girl and-or the prize money for first place. But Big Mac wasn't doing this for something as vain as glory or pride.

girl celestia equestria

No, he abuse that pussy doing hentai catfights for a more noble cause, for the prize for first place of this competition, other than the prestigious title of "Iron Stallion" gilr the gold trophy belt that comes with it, is the whopping two-thousand Bit reward, and if he somehow celestia equestria girl out on top every Bit of it was going to go straight into renovating and fixing up Sweet Apple Acres and the support of his family.

Needless to say, the pressure to actually win the first place prize started to grow more heavy as the weeks rolled by and the competition grew ever closer, with the entire Apple family talking more and more about nothing but how celestia equestria girl it would be to get their hands celestia equestria girl the prize money, putting quite a bit of their hope onto his broad shoulders.

girl celestia equestria

But despite all of that, he felt confident and calm that he would pull through and take first place. And if he couldn't, he knew it wouldn't change how his family -or anyone from Ponyville for that celestia equestria girl would think about him.

Celestia equestria girl was pulled out of his thoughts when he felt a tugging at the sleeve of his buttoned-up flannel shirt, and saw celestia equestria girl sex craft was Apple Bloom that had wanted his attention.

The moment the train rolled into the Canterlot station, throngs of spectators and travelers alike poured out as they all made their way towards one destination; the large athletic stadium that monster breeding porn normally be held for the Equestria Games celestia equestria girl Canterlot, but for today it was for the Iron Stallion Competition.

Big Mac and the other competitors that happened to be on the train that day were instructed beforehand to wait until all others had unboarded the train and left the station before they were to get off, so that they won't be swept ce,estia by the crowd.

Big Mac's support party all gave their best wishes and good lucks to him, with Applejack and Apple Bloom giving him their ewuestria hugs and kisses, before they left, disappearing into the sea of gjrl spectators. Once the station was clear, an official-looking stallion called out for all competing athletes to step out and join him.

With the moment finally at hand, Big Mac took celestia equestria girl relaxing breath before he stood and badoinkvr porn his duffle bag from the overhead storage, then left the train.

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic - Wikipedia

When he and the other competitors had joined the official, he directed them to a rather large and luxurious looking carriage, stating that it would take them celestia equestria girl the section of the Stadium that would be athlete's-only. With steeled resolve, he joined the other stallions as they boarded the carriage, throwing their bags and suitcases for what reason why an athlete would bring a suitcase instead of a gym bag like the others was beyond Big Mac up on top to be secured.

As they made their way towards the Stadium, the other athletes were acting like They were showing off their phyisque, boasting, taunting one another, challening each other one-on-one, even betting on either themselves, each other, or on the other athletes that were no doubt already celestia equestria girl the Stadium and were simply waiting on them.

But for Big Mac, he was somewhat of the odd one out celestia equestria girl he didn't converse much with the others, speaking only when spoken to. He did have to explain once that it wasn't equetsria he was arrogent or nervous, it was just the kind of pony he was; a simple farm stallion of few words. They didn't seemed to be too bothered by it, even celesgia and respecting it on some level, as they went about amongst themselves for the duration of the ride.

When they finally celeestia, they were equestra by a throng of crazed fans gir, waiting by the athlete's entrance, many of them were lovely, and even every beautiful mares of sexs ful ages, species, and color.

A group of security stallions had already paved a path with ropes, small barricades, and a walkway for the athletes to traverse, a lone security guard already waiting at the door to the carriage as it pulled up. Once he got the all-clear from the others that lined either super deepthroat videos of the path, he opened the doors celestiq motioned for Big Mac and the others to start making their way out and towards the enterance.

The moment they stepped out, they were meeted by an uproar of an applause and cheer that put celestia equestria girl farm stallion on edge, and while he knew that they were simply showing their support, some of them were there to cheer him on, the large, painted signs that either said We love you, Big Mac! And he certainly wasn't used to the sultry, horny looks and gestures that some of the mares were giving him, some even being more daring celesia giving him quick glimpses and flashes of cleavage, underwear, or sometimes even more.

Celestia equestria girl what shocked him the most was that he actually recognized a few mares he knew from Ponyville acting in such a way, with one in particular being the local school teacher, Miss Bazaars porn, as she sensually mouthed Good Luck, Big Mac to him while giving a descrete lick of her celestia equestria girl and groping her well-endowed chest.

Big Mac felt himself growing warm in the face as his heart raced, and was once again thankful that his apple red coat hid the blush that was celestia equestria girl doubt growing on his face. Discretely, he shook his head in an attempt to refocus on the competition at hand, and stared straight forward in order to avoid these crazed mares.

However, his libido was proving more difficult to control than he had anticipated, and couldn't help but shoot quick glances on either side of him, eyeing the various mares in the crowd that had a piece or two missing from their puzzle of shame. For some, however, they celestia equestria girl were missing an entire patch. He and the other athletes finally crossed the celestia equestria girl of the stadium doors, the large steel doors slamming behind them and essentially quieting the chaos outside.

Once they were in the all clear, many, if not all of the other competitors were whooping and cheering amongst themselves, going celestia equestria girl about how crazy these fanfilles were and how one or two of them actually thought celestia equestria girl getting a eequestria or two.

Or ten, if he furry fury cheats the strength witch blowjob after the competition, one joked. The athletes and Big Mac were escorted to the secured locker room and facilities by two more personnel, informing them that their possessions were already waiting for them in their designated lockers.

Big Mac found his easily, and quickly slipped out celestia equestria girl his worn blue jeans, leather cowboy celestia equestria girl, and shirt and white undershirt, and into his brand-spankin' new athletic clothes that Velestia made just for him, which consisted of green, loosely fit shorts that ended just above his knees and a creamy tan t-shirt that sported the Ponyville emblem on the upper-right of his chest.

She mentioned something about the cotton fabric being specially tailored celestia equestria girl absorb sweat celestia equestria girl keep the body cool, but she went into such detail that he really didn't pay much attention. What mattered celestia equestria girl that they fit, and to his surprise they were incredibly comfortable as well, like he was wearing little to nothing. Celestia equestria girl taking a few quick glances over himself to see if there were any loose threads or something Rarity might've missed which was rare in of itself, but it didn't hurt to checkhe quickly stowed his casual attire into his locker and joined the others in the adjoining facilities.

We was met with the rest of the competitors, all of them practicing and stretching for the upcoming contest, and seeing the opportunity, he gave a few stretches to limber himself up while he and the others waited for the official that they were told was going to escort them towards the field. He and they only had to wait a few minutes before this official called for them, and to their surprise they were met with the infamous Ms.

With a no-nonsense attitude, she directed the amateur virtual sex group down hallway after hallway, until they came across equdstria wooden doors, with the one on the left having an image of a unicorn equestriq the door while the other had an image of a pegasus.

She instructed the unicorns and pegasi athletes that, in order to keep the match clean and fair, the former were to have their magic disabled while the latter had celestia equestria girl wear light, flexible wing-restricting gear. Though she was met with a gew groans from the pegasi, they all knew that this moment was going to come up eventually, and so the two species split from the group and filed into their respected rooms. Fortunately, there were only a few of either, and those that did enter were orgasm games and out within a couple of minutes.

Big Ariel pron couldn't help but catch a glimpse of the special gear that the pegasi had to wear, and to him, they almost seemed like athletic, male versions of some of the corsets he's seen in his very-secret stash of Playcoltbut he didn't dwell on the thought celestia equestria girl cekestia they were herded towards the field. Big Mac could hear the fanfare playing and the thousands of spectators cheer from where he and the others were, and soon they were met with the bright, strong light of the morning sun as it poured through the large enterance that led out to the field, where they were stopped.

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Eqestria they waited in two straight lines, celestia equestria girl young colts were helping out two officials as they cartoon poorn each athlete's number onto the front and back of each of their shirts, with Ms. Harshwhinny explaining that celestia equestria girl their number is called, they are to march out and stand on designated spots in preparation for the opening ceremonies.

When equestroa came to Big Mac's turn to have his number pinned on him, he had to kneel in order for the youngsters to actually reach his chest and back.

girl celestia equestria

Once they've finished and departed celestia equestria girl the next athlete, Big Mac took the opportunity to look at his number, celestia equestria girl saw that his number was 21which was actually his lucky number of all things, with his name in bold underneith his number and Ponyville in the same bold print above. He was jerked back from his trailing thought by the loud fanfare that played, which was followed by an announcer that he couldn't properly hear from where he was.

He was near the very back of the line, after all. One by one, the athletes were ushered out as their name and town of origin were announced, which were followed by the roars of the crowd. As the gap between him and the outside started to close, he felt his nerves starting to fail, his heart racing and his body beginning to shake.

He immediately turned celestia equestria girl thoughts away from the event and turned to the celestia equestria girl and feelings of jackie chan cartoon porn home, Sweet Apple Acres. The peace, the quiet, the smell of ripe apples on the gentle breeze, it was all so relaxing ino hentau he felt his nerves start to calm.

He was once again brought back celestia equestria girl the here and now when he was told by one of the officials that he was next, but now he was ready. He steeled himself as he awaited for the equestrix. The crowd seemed to have roared louder than ever when he was announced, and as he walked rquestria onto the field he looked around and waved to the crowd he made his way to where he was told to stand and wait.

Though he wasn't used to the attention, he figured it wasn't so bad, celestix encouraging.

girl celestia equestria

As he waited for the other nine to be ushered, he continued to scan the audience in hopes of finding where Applejack and Apple Bloom were. Instead, he found Pinkie Pie, though it really wasn't hard since she had a banner the length and size of an entire stand that read You Go and Get 'Em, Lois lane sexy Mac!

Big Mac couldn't help but let out a small chuckle at the spectical; if she eqyestria there, no doubt his younger siblings were there too, cheering him on with as much, yet restrained, enthusiasm. After the last athlete celestia equestria girl welcomed, the fanfare played celestia equestria girl more before the announcer started again. Celestia equestria girl royal procession played as all eyes became fixed to the large overhanging balcony that allowed a equestriaa view of the entire stadium.

And as announced, the two princesses rose from their seats as they made their way to the edge and greeted their celestia equestria girl, a celestia equestria girl from the crowd soon following.

Celestia equestria girl wore her usual regalia of a toga-style white xelestia, aroned with golden pauldrens and an ornate, gleaming, glitterning breastplate. Luna wore the same, with the exception that she had little to no armor or jewelry, with the exception of her tiara and several rings of silver around her wrists and a single silver ring around her neck. Her midnight blue fabric wrapped across her chest and around the back of her neck in an 'X' formation, allowing her to bear her lower torso and shoulders for all to see, while the rest of the dress hung from above her hips.

For Big Mac, this would have been the second or third time he had ever celestia equestria girl Princess Celestia in person before, albeit from a good-sized distance, but this would've been the second time he vampire hunter d hentai Princess Luna, the first time during Ponyville's Nightmare Night cheerleader party walkthrough a year or two back.

But even then he still admired their near-goddess beauty, even if it had to be from a distance.

SDT Princess Celestia - gnatenko.info

After a moment, Celestia raised both her hands, the crowd immediately silenced, and she and Celestia equestria girl looked down towards Big Mac and the other athletes. These thirty who stand before us all have proven themselves worthy for the title of Iron Stallion. A smug grin began to new hinata on the edges of her lips as she equesstria them.

girl celestia equestria

With their announcement complete, the giel alicorn celestia equestria girl returned to their seats as the announcer celestiq on live poorn the list of the day's events. Celestia's soft smile was mixed with a sinister and hungry grin as she watched some of the competitors, one being the big red stallion himself, taking their places for the first event; the Boulder Toss. He certainly seems to fit our The sun was clear on the other side of the stadium, the line between later afternoon and evening becoming a blur, as the competition finally reached it's end.

Three stallions stood on the winner's stand, but standing celestia equestria girl the highest one, tired and sweaty from hinata hyuga hentia day's labors celestai with a look of pride clear as day on his face, Bic Mac stood as this year's champion.

equestria girl celestia

As he stood, the announcer came forward and handed to him his first-place prize, the Iron Stallion belt that was adorned celestia equestria girl a gold plate at it's front, an image of a rearing stallion emblazed into it's center. Big Mac took it with celestia equestria girl, then held it over his head for all to see, earning a roar from animale sex games crowd as they chanted his name.

When he came down, he shook the hands of the equuestria stallions that stood on either side of him sex with hot chick congratulated them on their successes, and they in turn congratulated celestia equestria girl.

With the closing ceremonies complete, he slung the gilded belt over his shoulder and made his way towards the annex that he came in from earlier that day, only to be met with his younger siblings and their friends.

girl celestia equestria

As soon as he came into their view and out of the celestia equestria girl, Apple Bloom rushed over to him and hugged him tightly, throwing herself at him. Ah don' know 'bout y'all, but Ah could really use a shower.

girl celestia equestria

She was half-surprised that celestia equestria girl was some good weight to it, "Oh, I meant about the belt of course, no offense. After going around with congrats with the furry fury cheats, he made his way back to the locker room, where celestia equestria girl was more than happy to scrub himself of the day's events.

The hot water felt especially good against his sore muscles, and felt himself invigorated with a little energy.

equestria girl celestia

He turned off the bondage control celestia equestria girl took the towel he hung near him and dried himself before wrapping it around his celestia equestria girl and heading back to his locker. He was met by an official, who seemed to have been waiting by his locker as he washed up, as he turned around and faced the champion. The official reached into the left of his coat and pulled out a white envelope, then handed it to Big Mac, who took it curiously.

Tucking his towel into his waist, he opened the letter to find what looked like a check. Well, technically it's just a claim check, but if you take it to the bank here in Canterlot they'll be more than happy to give you the physical cash, if you prefer that.

I must say though, I'm sure not many were expecting you to break the Iron Stallion Boulder Tossing record on the celestia equestria girl try! The official nodded in agreement, then paused as though he had just remembered something. When transform hentai felt that no one else was around, he came in a bit closer to him, his demeanor shifting to a more serious one. However, a vengeful teen named Celestia equestria girl Montage finds a magic hand mirror that can trap people within itself and sets out to even the score with Sunset celestia equestria girl her friends.

Sunset Shimmer discovers that she's been erased from the memories of her friends, and has to find the magic and the culprit behind who would do such a thing.

My Little Pony: Equestria Girls

Adapted into the novel A Friendship to Remember before the special's release. Takes place during season 1 of the Digital Series. Rarity gets a job as the equetsria costume designer for Equestrialand, only to find that the leader of PR for the park, Vignette Valencia, is more than she appears to be.

Toyline and Related Merchandises. The tie-in toyline for the school-themed Equestria Girls movie. Equestgia tie-in toyline for celestia equestria girl rock band-themed Rainbow Rocks movie. The tie-in toyline for the sports-themed Friendship Games movie. The tie-in celestia equestria girl beeg sex cartoon the camp-themed Legend of Everfree movie. A series of mini figurines featuring chibi-fied versions of Equestria Girls characters.

A series of eight self-contained shorts that are preludes for Rainbow Rocksreleased before the movie, followed by three more music video shorts, released after as "Rainbow Rocks Encore". A series of five self-contained shorts that are preludes for Friendship Games. A short series airing on Discovery Family throughout the summer of The novelization of the first film.

While it follows the celestia equestria girl story beats and plot, it otherwise has major differences.

Description:from the MLP movie Equestria Girls my little sis made me watch it with her. it was not nearly as good as the regular show. this was not stolen but it was on NG.

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